Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Exercises

As individual advances in age, its spine changes too and most of the time as part of aging process, degeneration of the vertebrae, ligaments, muscles and discs happens. All this parts makes up the spinal column. With the changes that happens it can result to spinal Stenosis.

Spinal Stenosis can often result from conditions like degenerative Spondylolisthesis or osteoarthritis. If the spinal nerves in the lower back are compressed then lumbar spinal Stenosis may arise and this often results to leg pain and other symptoms. How can one manage the symptoms of lumbar spinal Stenosis? The major answer to that is staying active, that is why it is vital that you can find an exercise which you can enjoy and perform easy and will not worsen your condition.

Exercise is very important for lumbar spinal Stenosis patients. In fact there is one study regarding physical therapy treatment as options for Lumbar spinal Stenosis. Results concluded that physical therapy treatments for lumbar spinal Stenosis should include flexibility and strengthening exercise; massage, heat/ice treatments and stabilization techniques (J Back Musculoskelet Rehabil 2010). This goes to show the importance of exercise in managing lumbar spinal Stenosis.

The importance of exercise or staying active for patients that has spinal Stenosis are as follows – it improves blood circulation in the back thus bringing in the much needed oxygen, it helps strengthen the spine protecting from further injury, exercise helps maintain flexibility thus preventing tight muscles that pulls the spine which can worsen spinal Stenosis, maintains a healthy weight and last but not the least, exercise can also help with your mental and emotional health.

Effective Exercises for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

An effective exercise program for individual who suffers from lumbar spinal Stenosis usually includes not only one but a combination of endurance, strengthening, range of motion and stability activities. So what are the best exercises or activities for such conditions?

• Biking is rewarding as well as an enjoyable activity so that individuals who suffer from lumbar spinal Stenosis (LSS) may benefit a lot with stationary biking.
• Swimming or water therapy is a good exercise too for LSS patients.
• Stretching and strengthening exercise under the guidance of a physical therapist.
• Tai Chi class

These activities and exercise are smooth and considered to be low impact which is good for LSS patients. Patients may avoid pain by not doing high impact exercise like jogging, long period of walking or standing and avoid any contact sports as much as possible.

When doing these activities, always remember that the best exercise is one that you can do regularly or daily. Something that is fun and enjoyable for you to do like biking. If it is not then pick another that you like to perform everyday. Consider too activities or exercise that can be done indoor in case the weather wont allow you to do it outside. The most important thing of all is always consult your doctor before you start any exercise. Your doctor can also recommend a good set of exercise tailored just for you. Also make sure to stop if you feel pain or pain gets worst when you exercise.

When you stay healthy and active then there is a good chance of lessening or even removing the symptoms of lumbar spinal Stenosis.