Back Pain On The Upper Left Side

Upper back pain in the left side occurs in the lower neck down to the middle spine or thoracic spine. This pain is not as common as lower back pain yet it can still make individuals uncomfortable and even disabling in some cases. This pain can be cause by some injuries or wrong posture which is maintained for quite some time. This does not really happen in both sides at once, it usually occurs at one side of the upper back whether in the right side or in the left side.

Symptoms of such upper back pain can range from mild to severe pain from strenuous activity or from an injured joint which might be cause from lifting or twisting. In some cases it can produce persistent pain as a result from poor posture. Most problems in the upper back can manifest to shoulder blade pain, upper back pain between shoulder blades or can even appear as middle back pain.

Back pain in the upper left side can also be a symptom of more serious conditions like heart conditions, lungs and even abdominal problems. So if you doubt that the pain is cause by some musculoskeletal problem then consults your doctor or your healthcare provider. But the most common cause of upper left side back pain is due to poor posture over a long period of time especially those who often work in front of the computer. Other cause of pain in the upper left side may be due to arthritis or bulging disc.

Treatment for such pain varies depending on the real cause of the problem. If pain is due to mechanical problem due to wrong posture or stress then you can go for a massage. Massaging the affected area for a minute every hour can help a lot in relieving the pain. The most important thing is to correct the wrong posture you have maintained for so long.

If the cause is much serious then make sure to consult your doctor so as to be given the right treatment for your condition.