Middle Back Pain On The Left Side

Middle back pain in the left side is quite common today. It affects a lot of people and it affects their daily activities. It has various causes and it is very important to know the real cause of the pain so that it can be treated as early as possible.

In order to know the cause of pain in the middle back, let us first try to know where middle back is. The middle back or spine is the thoracic part of the back. The back consists of cervical spine which consist of the neck and next is the middle spine or thoracic and of course the lower back. The vertebrae are the bones that made up the spine and in between these bones are discs. Within the vertebrae is the spinal cord which contains the nerve roots that runs to the brain and down to the legs.

What is the most common cause of middle back pain in the left side? The most common cause is a strained muscle and this usually happens with strenuous exercise. Other factors that can cause strained muscle are poor posture, obesity or a sudden twist that can stress the muscles. If this is the case then conservative treatment is all you need.

Other causes of middle back pain in the left side aside from muscle strain are aging. When you advance in age, most parts of your middle back starts to deteriorate. With age, the tear and wear of cartilage between the bones starts, this alone causes pain and stiffness in movement. Another common cause for middle back pain in the left side is Arthritis which causes inflammation in the joints and is often a result of old age. Fortunately most cases of arthritis is not that severe and can be manage but if the inflammation is too severe and there is swelling already then immediate medical attention is necessary.

Most of this condition which brought middle back pain in the left side can be managed through conservative measures. The most common treatment so far is rest and taking of anti-inflammatory medications. This is to lessen the pain as well as improve any swelling if there is any. Another good way to treat this condition is through exercise. Performing the right stretching exercise and its proper techniques can help tremendously in relieving pain and in improving the flexibility and strength of its muscles. The best way is spinal manipulation (Spine 2011, issue 18).

Left middle back pain can be prevented and one way to prevent that is through maintaining a good posture no matter what you do. Whether you are sitting, standing or lifting something from the ground, learn to exhibit the right posture. Aside from exercising right posture, maintaining the proper weight is also important and you can achieve this through a well balance diet and exercise.