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Treatment For Herniated Disc In Lower Back

One common medical condition in the lumbar spine is herniated disc. With herniated disc a tear in its outer layer (annulus fibrosus) lets its inner gel like material (nucleus pulposus) to leak out into the spinal canal. This disc material can compress a nerve root and as a result, the patient may experience weakness, numbness […]

Slipped Disc In Neck Treatment

Slipped disc in the neck or known as cervical herniated disc is the most common conditions that affect the cervical spine and this usually strikes individual age between thirty to fifty years old. Most of this slipped disc in neck originates from a trauma or injury. Slipped disc in the neck can result to pain […]

Slipped Disc In Neck Symptoms

Neck and arm pain is the usual symptom of a slipped disc in the neck. This condition is also known as Cervical Disc Prolapse. This condition is often seen in individual age thirty to fifty years old and is quite rare outside this age group. Also slipped disc is more common in the lower back […]

Cervical Radiculopathy Symptoms

Cervical radiculopathy happens when a nerve in the neck is pinched and this is often cause by a herniated disc or bone spur which is pressing on the inflamed nerve root. Most of the time, this situation leads to degenerative changes in the neck. The nerve that comes from the spinal cord in the neck […]

Lumbar Spondylosis Treatment

Lumbar spondylosis covers other conditions like osteophytes, facet joint degeneration, herniations and lumbar disc bulges. Common symptoms of lumbar spondylosis may include sciatica, limitation in back movement and low back pain. Treatment for lumbar spondylosis is usually conservative however surgery is always recommended if there is spinal cord compression or pain that is intractable. Read […]

Lumbar Disc Replacement

Back pain is a common complain of individuals these days and usual reason or problem is because of DDD or Degenerative Disc Disease. This is one condition that produces back pain as a result of the wearing away of the disc that serves as cushion between the vertebrae in the spine. This spinal disc aids […]

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Exercises

As individual advances in age, its spine changes too and most of the time as part of aging process, degeneration of the vertebrae, ligaments, muscles and discs happens. All this parts makes up the spinal column. With the changes that happens it can result to spinal Stenosis. Spinal Stenosis can often result from conditions like […]

Non-Surgical Slipped Disc Treatment

Lots of individual who suffers from back pain seek a non-surgical form of treatment for slipped disc that is because most disc surgery does not really guarantee that it can cure disc problems. And not only that, disc surgery come with many risk so that surgical interventions is not a very good option for disc […]

Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression

Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression or PLDD is considered a minimally invasive form of treatment for lumbar disc herniation. Since it is minimally invasive thus morbid is lower and recovery period is short compared to the traditional surgery. For this reason PLDD becomes an interesting alternative to traditional surgery. However those who are not convinced with […]

What Is The Cost Of Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Spinal decompression is non-invasive form of treatment for disc problems in the back as well as in the neck. It is cost effective and the treatments are fast and easy. There are no medications to take or needles to prick your nerves. You do not even have to get undressed but you can just lie […]