Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint of individuals these days. Back pain can range from mild to a chronic one and this can be brought about by too much strenuous activity, bad posture, strain, psychological problem, degenerative problems in the spine and injuries. This is not really an illness but rather a sign that something is wrong. Fortunately most back pain especially lower back pain can be managed conservatively. Here are several home remedies for lower back pain.

Rest. Rest is first and foremost the first thing that you should do when you experience lower back pain. Just lie down with your back in the floor and use one pillow under your head and the same under your knees. This position helps relieve the pressure in your back.

Hot/Cold Therapy. Heat applied to the affected area can lessen the pain. You can use heating pads or hot water bottles and you can apply this heat for twenty to thirty minutes. This will enhance your blood circulation. If there is swelling in the lower back then you use ice pack. You can massage the affected area with an ice pack for seven to ten minutes. This can lessen the tensions in the muscle.

Massage and use of Herbal Oils. Massage is great for lower back pain especially if use with some homemade herbal oils. Massage can reduce pain for it aids in getting rid of tension and relax the aching muscles. Coupled with some herbal oils this can really be an effective home remedy for lower back pain. Several studies supports that massage is much better than any medications in treating low back pain (Annals of Internal Medicine 2011).

For the herbal oil, you can get three to four garlic cloves, two teaspoons of mustard, coconut or sesame oil. Warm this two for several minutes in the fire until the garlic turns brown already. Let it cool and strain out the brown garlic out. Use the oil in massaging your lower back. Another effective oil to use is eucalyptus oil and mint oil. You can use several drops of this oil in the affected area for a few minutes everyday.

Exercise. You can do some stretching exercises at home but be warned, if you experience pain during the exercise then stop immediately. Some Yoga exercises are also beneficial to your lower back. You can try out the Raised feet posed, Locust posture, Cobra pose, Corpse pose or Plow pose.

Teas. A cup of chamomile tea can serve as great stress reliever. You can boil a cup of water and add a tablespoon of chamomile flowers. Let this simmer for few minutes in low fire. Strain this out and add a teaspoon of honey to the strained water. Two to three cups a day can be effective in reducing back pain.
Another is ginger root tea. The process is the same as above but instead of chamomile flowers use ginger root instead. It is also effective in treating back ache.

Mashed Potato. Another popular home remedy for back pain is the application of mashed potato. How to do it? Potato is peeled and cut into cubes and boiled. Mash this boiled pieces and apply in the back when cool. Hold the potato in place with a bandage. Hold it in place for an hour. You can add up whole oats with vinegar with your mashed potato and apply the mash hot to your back to relieve pain. You can also use a cabbage leaves. Just boil the leaves in milk till it turns o a jelly like mixture. Spread this mixture in a cloth and apply hot. Leave it overnight to relieve pain.

Vitamin C. For your diet, increase intake of vitamin C. As much as possible get it naturally by eating plenty of strawberries, citrus fruits, tomatoes and other high source of vitamin C.

These home remedies should be able to help you relive of your lower back pain temporarily or even permanently. If back pain still persists then consult your doctor. If you have not experience back pain yet then make sure to prevent from having one. Have the proper care to avoid one and you can by observing the following;

• In lifting an object, always squat down and lift the object, retain a straight back and raise your body up. Never bend your hips or knees when lifting an object.
• When you move a heavy object, just push but do not pull it towards you.
• Use flat shoes as much as possible and avoid heels over one inch high.
• If your work needs you to drive or sit for long hours then take a break for several minutes and stretch your back.
• Always maintain a good posture at all times.