Lower Back And Abdominal Pain

Back and stomach pain is one sign or symptom that often go together. In fact around seventy-five percent of individuals who suffer unresolved back pain also have history of stomach problems. In most cases the two signs are associated to the same cause thus this two is the most common of all combination pain syndromes.

Back Pain That Causes Stomach Pain

A degenerative condition or spine injury can result to local pain and also stomach pain. If there is a pinched nerve then it can cause pain in the area which the pinched nerve covers. If this pinched nerves covers the digestive system or any other organ function in the stomach then dysfunction and pain can result. Muscular back pain is also responsible with muscular abdominal pain. Any injury to these muscles can affect the other.

Psychologically Induced Pain Syndrome (PIPS)

A lot of people who has unresolved stomach and back pain might suffer from psychological induced pain syndrome. The most common signs of this syndrome are stomach distress and lower back pain. The stress and other emotional issues that cause psychological back pain may also be responsible for chronic intestinal disturbances. One common example for stomach problems related to stress is Ulcers.

Since some of the cause of back pain as well as stomach pain is stress related and psychological, a new concept is introduced in treating such condition and is supported in the study titled New Concept for Backache: Biopsychosocial pain syndrome (Eur Spine J 2008).

But be warned that severe stomach pain can be an onset of a serious health problem. Kidney infections or stones can cause pain in the stomach and back parts of the body. Other problems in the body like liver failure, diverticulitis, appendicitis or gallstones can lead to severe back and stomach pain. So make sure to get a thorough check up if you suffer unexplained severe stomach pain.

What to do with Back and Stomach Pain?

These two conditions often come together so that if you experience chronic back pain and also experience some intestinal or stomach problems then do not be alarmed. The emotional as well as physical effect of stress can cause back pain as well as stomach problems. Pain conditions of the back can often lead to Colitis, acid reflux, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome.

The best thing to do is consult your doctor to rule out any other serious problem involve. If it is cause by emotional and physical distress then simple conservative treatment can be done like rest coupled with exercise. You will be surprise to see that when you are relieve from back pain, you get relieve too with your abdominal problems as well and vice versa.