Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants

Spinal cord stimulator is one device that is use to remove pain especially in your lower back and through your sciatic nerve. This device makes use of electrical impulses which stops pain messages from being delivered to the brain. Spinal cord stimulator is usually recommended to patients who fail to respond to conservative treatment as well as surgery.

Procedure involve the use of local anesthesia and a small incision just near the spinal cord, the doctor then puts one or more electrodes which is the one responsible of stopping signals of pain from reaching the brain. These electrodes are linked to a temporary stimulator to be use in trial for a few days just to see if it indeed works in relieving pain. During the observation period, if it happens that pain is reduced by fifty percent or more then that is the time that a permanent spinal cord stimulator is implanted.

The second procedure will comprise the permanent implantation of the device and this is usually done under general anesthesia. Temporary electrodes are removed and are placed with the permanent ones. The power supply of the device can be internal or external. The electrical impulses emitted by this device are controlled externally which is much better since it lets the patient turn it on or off. The patient can also change the intensity, duration as well as the frequency of the impulses.

After the procedure, patients may feel a little discomfort and there might be swelling in the incision area for a few days. Through time the electrode may be damage thus patient needs spinal cord stimulator replacement. Possible side effects are rare yet there are cases when patients may experience bacterial infection, allergic reactions or bleeding.

What Conditions Needs Spinal Cord Stimulation?

Individual who suffers from chronic pain and is suffering from the following – Peripheral Vascular Disease, Angina, Post Herpetic Neuralgia, Occipital Headaches, Diabetic and other peripheral neuropathy, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, Phantom limb pain, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. They have the option of trying out cord stimulator spinal implants.

Benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulator

• Spinal cord stimulator is quite effective in reducing or lessening pain. This is proven with the many research conducted already and to cite one is a study published in Spine 1996 where it confirms the effectivity of SCS for the management of chronic low back pain.
• The device can be externally controlled giving you the option to turn it off or not. You can turn the device off permanently or even have it removed if it does not serve its purpose.
• You can have a trial first for about a week to see if it works for you or not before implanting the device permanently.

Indeed this device has its own advantage as well as disadvantage to individuals. If you ever decide to try spinal cord stimulator then your doctor can recommend to you the best system that will best work for you. Factors to be considered in choosing your spinal cord stimulator system includes your lifestyle, your pain pattern and the amount of energy needed for it to deliver pain relief.