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Laser Spine Surgery Options

Most people today have missed work due to back problems. Pain disables them to do their daily task or activities. It can be very frustrating and at the same time depressing. Many doctors prescribed non-invasive form of treatment to manage the pain and eventually treat the source of pain. In some severe cases surgery might […]

Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants

Spinal cord stimulator is one device that is use to remove pain especially in your lower back and through your sciatic nerve. This device makes use of electrical impulses which stops pain messages from being delivered to the brain. Spinal cord stimulator is usually recommended to patients who fail to respond to conservative treatment as […]

Spinal Laser Surgery

Spinal laser surgery is a surgical procedure that relieves back pain due to various back problems. It is minimally invasive treatment that most patients opt for today. Surgeons usually performs the procedure using endoscopic methods which uses a flexible tube attach to it is a tiny camera to access the part of the spine that […]

Spondylolisthesis Treatment

Spondylolisthesis is a condition where one of the vertebrae of the spine slips out of place and into the vertebra just below it. When it slips too much then it might press on a nerve which will result to severe pain. The most common area affected is the lower back. Spondylolisthesis is the most common […]

Spinal Fusion Surgery Complications

Spine fusion surgery is done along with other kind of spine surgery. Its purpose is to join individual vertebrae together within the spine. Looking at our spine, the spinal column consists of individual vertebrae which are on top with each other. In between these vertebrae is a soft cushion called disc. The disc spaces lets […]

Lumbar Spinal Surgery

Lower back or lumbar spine condition is usually caused by injury or trauma, herniated disc, osteophytes and spinal stenosis. Sign and symptoms of lumbar spine problems include weakness of legs or feet; pain, numbness of feet, toes or legs; and loss of bladder or bowel control. For severe cases of lumbar spine problem or conditions […]

Arthroscopic Spinal Surgery

Arthroscopic spinal surgery is actually a minimally invasive kind of back surgery that is done through a small cut compared to the traditional spinal surgery where the incision is quite large. The procedure makes use of an arthroscope. It is thin flexible equipment about the size of a drinking straw where the spinal surgeon can […]

What To Expect After Back Surgery?

Back pain nowadays is very rampant. Almost all of the population in the United States has experience back pain once in their lifetime. But there are people too that experience the pain too often that medical attention is really needed. Most of the time if pain persist then surgery might be your only option. Preparing […]

Lower Back Surgery Options

With advanced technology, lower back surgery is now available in different procedures but then again the success rate is still low. Thus back surgery should only be considered when other conventional treatment failed, when there is injury in the peripheral nerves or presence of neurologic disease that is progressive.

Failed Back Surgery

Failed back surgery syndrome or simply known as failed back syndrome (FBSS) is not really a syndrome but it is a generalized term most used to illustrate conditions of individuals who have failed or have unsuccessful back or spine surgery thus have continued suffering from pain even after surgery. There might be a lot of […]