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Blood Patch For Spinal Headache

There are various cases where you will find yourself undergoing a spinal injection. The most common case of spinal injection includes therapeutic spinal injections, epidural during labor and diagnostic spinal tap. After this procedure, some patient may experience spinal headache. It can be severe especially when you stand up. There are cases when the pain […]

Spinal Tap Side Effects

Medical procedure spinal tap also known as lumbar puncture is use as diagnosis tool. It gets some of the cerebrospinal fluid that is in the spinal cord and brain. This cerebrospinal fluid enclosed the brain as well as the spinal cord. It functions as shock absorber and it protects the brain from any sudden injury. […]

Spinal Headache After Epidural

Spinal headache can come out as a result from epidural block like the ones performed during a woman’s labor and delivery. This is done to lessen the pain that the woman is undergoing in her labor stage as well as during delivery time. Procedure involves placing the needle within the fluid filled space which surrounds […]

Spinal Headache Causes

The term spinal headache might be uncommon to you but there is such thing as spinal headache. Spinal headaches are caused by a leakage of spinal fluid and this often occurs during a spinal tap procedure or during epidural block which is usually done during a woman’s labor and delivery. This leakage of fluid usually […]