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What Causes Burning Sensations?

A burning sensation can affect specific part of the body or even all over the body and it is not a pleasant feeling at all. It can be a symptom of a number of conditions depending on the other symptoms that accompanies it. The causes can range from severe injury to sign of vascular disease. […]

What Are The Best Natural Pain Relievers?

Pain is one ailment in the body that is quite common with individual today. It is alarming to see the number of individuals affected with back pain cause by various health conditions. It can be frustrating when over the counter pain relievers does not work anymore and you have to take stronger medicines which brings […]

Spinal Headache Causes

The term spinal headache might be uncommon to you but there is such thing as spinal headache. Spinal headaches are caused by a leakage of spinal fluid and this often occurs during a spinal tap procedure or during epidural block which is usually done during a woman’s labor and delivery. This leakage of fluid usually […]

Lower Back Pain In Early Pregnancy

Symptoms for early pregnancy differ from one woman to another. The truth is you might have different symptoms from one pregnancy to another. If it is your first then you might have a hard journey as you experience the different changes that take place in your body for the whole nine months. Most of the […]

Lumbar Decompression Surgery

Lumbar decompression surgery is a procedure that is done to reduce pain that results from pinched nerves. The procedure involves removing a small part of the bone or disc material that presses the nerve root so as to free the nerve root and give it more space thus providing a fast healing environment. There are […]

Intercostal Muscle Pain

Intercostal muscle pain or Intercostal retractions involves the movement of the muscles in the chest between the ribs which often results to less pressure in the chest cavity. It usually results to having difficulty in breathing. Chest walls are flexible and it expands and contract when one breathes. When breathing the intercostals muscles contract and […]

Causes Of Tingling In The Left Hand

Some individuals are quite alarm when they experience tingling in their left hand although some people find it irritating too. This tingling of the left hand can be cause by problems with the nerves and the muscles, poor blood circulation as well as other health problems. If you experience tingling sensation in your left hand […]

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is actually not a disorder but more of a symptom. The radiating pain that one experience is actually a sign that there is a problem that involves the nerve like herniated disc which can be the culprit. Depending on what causes it, the sciatica pain may remain for a period of time or it […]

Thoracic Back Pain

Thoracic back pain is an uncommon type of back pains. The most common type of back pain is the lower back pain followed by the neck or the cervical spine pain. Thoracic back pain is identified if and only if the pain of the upper back is of unknown origin. Causes of such pain are […]

Lower Back Pain And The Kidneys

Back pain is a common ailment nowadays. For most people it is hard for them to really tell where the pain really comes. Some individuals even mistaken back pain due to kidney infections to be just a case of muscle cramps in their lower back. Note that when you have a kidney infection the pain […]