Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Spinal Decompression and Extension

Teeter Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine Teeter Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine
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The Dex II offers inverted decompression and extension on a platform that is more effective and versatile than a typical Roman Chair or hyper-extension bench! The Dex II is a forward-rotating inversion device that applies traction to the hip joints and spine. The body is placed in a bent-knee/bent hip, 90/90 degree position that flattens the lumbar curve to target decompression in the lower back while preventing over-extension. Traction handles allow for additional decompression, helping to enhance the stretch in your lower back. Work your core and improve flexibility with a variety of inverted stretches and exercises such as back extensions and inverted crunches. Plus, you can use the base for reverse dips, modified push-ups and exercise band work. Built for the Benefits Easily adjustable for your body type and comfortable to use, the multipurpose Teeter Dex II offers a compact solution for your decompression and exercise needs. Widely known for our quality inversion tables, Teeter is fueled by the passion of one man who turned his own struggles with back pain into a life-changing solution for millions of people worldwide. Roger Teeter’s products are truly built for the benefits, with a focus on features that help you achieve your back health and fitness goals. Trust Teeter for a better back, better body.

Perform a variety of body-stretching and strengthening exercises in the comfort of your living room with the Teeter Dex II forward-rotating inversion machine. The machine, which offers a sturdy lap support and adjustable leg supports, puts your body in a fixed 90/90-degree position that helps flatten the lumbar curve and separate the vertebrae. Once in position, users can perform a host of inverted stretches and exercises, from back extensions to spine stretches. The traction handles, meanwhile, help you stretch your lower back in a whole new way, with the ability to increase the decompression of your spine for even better results. And as a bonus, most of the traction is applied to your hip joints and spine rather than the ankles and knee joints, thereby relieving pressure on your most vulnerable areas. Construction details include a sturdy, square steel tube design, a durable powder-coated finish that resists scratches, and a washable, padded vinyl mat. And thanks to the corner feet, the Dex II is remarkably stable even on slippery floors. The Dex II fits users who stand between 4 foot 8 inches and 6 foot 6 inches and weigh up to 300 pounds. The unit itself measures 28 by 58 by 45 inches (W x H x D), weighs 66 pounds, and is backed by a five-year warranty. About Teeter Hang Ups Roger and Jennifer Teeter founded Hang Ups Inversion Products in 1981 and have been dedicated to manufacturing quality inversion products ever since. Roger and Jenny truly believe in the benefits of this simple, natural form of therapy that has been around since 400 BC. In the late 1970’s, Roger tried many forms of therapy to help manage his pain. He finally discovered that by inverting, he was able to relieve his back pain and begin the road to recovery. He credits inversion for keeping him pain free, healthy, and active. Inversion has changed Roger's life, and now he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of inversion and quality products. STL International, creator of Teeter Hang Ups brand inversion equipment, has pioneered standards for quality and performance in the inversion market. All Teeter Hang Ups F-series inversion tables are classified in accordance with UL 2601-1 (medical equipment in a clinical setting), a rigid specification that tests the structural integrity of the equipment.


  • INVERSION TABLE ALTERNATIVE: Better than a roman chair/ bench, this hip-support inversion and extension device positions your body for a targeted lower back stretch, prevents over-extension, and neutralizes the hamstrings to isolate the core.
  • COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE: Large padded vinyl lap cushion with adjustable height offers stable support. Ergonomic rollers with adjustable depth comfortably and securely hold the legs while inverted
  • HANDLES FOR SUPPORT: Rubber-coated upper grips provide assistance when inverting. Multi-purpose base grips let you perform reverse dips and modified push-ups.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Wide sturdy base made of heavy-gauge steel and large rubber feet ensures stability. Dimensions: 41" length x 29" width x 45" height
  • TRUST TEETER: FDA Registered. 5-year full warranty. Maximum user weight capacity: 300 lbs. Adjustable for users 4'8" - 6'6".


The Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Spinal Decompression and Extension machine does not stress out your ankles as well as your knee joints yet you still get the health benefits of inversion therapy. Unlike other inversion table where the actual load is in the ankles with Dex II no load is put in your ankles or knees when you use this machine. This modern design includes a unique grip handles thus maximizing the effectiveness of spinal decompression resulting into a much healthier and pain free back.

Regular use of Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Spinal Decompression and Extension equipment will bring the following benefits to the user;

  • Improve balance and alignment
  • Increase mobility and elasticity
  • Lessens stress in the body every after workout or exercise.
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Achieve physical fitness

With the benefits that it brings, it is indeed a good investment to have one for you and your family. Let us have a closer look at the features this equipment has.

  • Leg supports are adjustable with its locking knob that lets it adjust for maximum security and comfort.
  • A solid lap support. It securely holds the user in a fixed 90/90 position.
  • Structure is high quality finish which ensures scratch-resistance.
  • It has a corner feet that provides stability and prevents it from sliding.
  • It has traction handles that provides maximum decompression of the spine. It offers a unique way of stretching your lower back.
  • It is easy to clean and material use is heavy duty.
  • It can accommodate individuals from 4 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 6 inches and holds up to 300 pounds.

In conclusion, DEX II like any other Teeter Hang Ups products is designed with highest quality materials. That is why DEX II comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and carries a 5 year warranty.