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Teeter Hang Ups Review

Inversion table is one equipment quite popular today in treating back pain and other various back conditions. However it is important that you seek your doctor’s advice before using an inversion table. This equipment is not for everyone especially those individuals who suffer from specific health conditions like bone weakness and glaucoma should not use […]

Inversion Table Benefits

Millions of people today suffer from pain of different forms and the most common pain that often affects people today is back pain due to different back problems. That is why most people constantly tried to find ways to relieve themselves with pain for good. One thing comes in mind and that is inversion therapy, […]

Review Of Home Inversion Tables

Ever heard of Inversion Tables? Well you might be surprise but inversion tables have been around for a long time already but it wasn’t known until now. It is only recently that people discover the amazing effects it brings to the body. Well for one, no one would want to hang upside down right? But […]

Black Exercise Fitness Therapy Inversion Table

As one grows old, gravity begins to take its effect on your body. The effects of gravity in the body slowly strains down on your spine, muscles and organs. Healthy living means proper diet and exercise which only slow down the onset of undesirable effects of gravity like neck and back pain. But there is […]

Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

What is Inversion Therapy? Inversion therapy requires the user to hang upside down and use a gentle traction to the spine. Inversion have existed as early as 400 BC and it is only in 1981 that it begins to make known again. Inversion Therapy helps to treat back pain and most of all is use […]

Elite Fitness IT 9250 Deluxe Inversion Table

Inversion therapy certainly improve your quality of life. If before you constantly miss important appointments or work due to back pains then inversion therapy certainly makes a difference in your life. The use of inversion table in inversion therapy has long been proven to relieve back pain. Why is that? Because with inversion therapy you […]

IronMan LXT850 Locking Inversion Therapy Table

Inversion therapy is getting popular nowadays because of its claim of back pain relief without resorting to surgery or taking of medicines or going through hours of therapy. The most modern way of treatment for back pain is through Inversion therapy. Inversion therapy is not really complicated. It just puts a person in an upside […]

FitPro 2010 Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table

For most people who have been suffering from back pain brought about by spinal compression, any method or product that would assert to lessen the discomfort they experience would really pose hope for them. With the introduction of inversion therapy table, most people are becoming optimistic that they finally find cure with their recurring back […]

Pro Deluxe Folding Fitness Inversion Table

Most people wonder if inversion tables really work. Is it really effective in lessening back pain? An inversion table is one equipment or device use to perform inversion therapy. Inversion therapy has existed way, way back already but its popularity only come and go. Inversion therapy actually involves hanging an individual upside down through its […]

Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion Rack

Are you in for an inverted exercise? The Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion Rack provides a great inverted exercise like sit-ups, squats and crunches. It also provides a full stretch body exercise which brings a lot of benefits to users. This device is ideal if you have a small space because it does not […]