BodyBridge Passive Spinal Stretching Inversion Bridge

Back pain is one condition that affected most people today. Most people suffer from back pain and worst of all this condition comes every now and then and in unexpected moments. That is because most individuals when they experience back pain they readily resort to taking pain relievers which only brings temporary relief and not really treat the cause of the pain.

This can be very frustrating especially if this will strike you often. That would mean missing a day’s work too often. Fortunately there is one method that would be effective in reducing or even eliminate back pain cause by several back conditions. This method is popularly known as Inversion therapy. This is done through the use of Inversion Table. This therapy is proven to relieve back pain, relax your muscles around your spine and most of all reduce stress.

One name that is trusted in this field is BodyBridge Passive Spinal Stretching Inversion Bridge. This equipment is designed to offer exercises for herniated discs, fibromyalgia, sciatica and scoliosis. It is also able to ease chronic low back pain and it brings physical therapy which improves spinal elasticity through inversion therapy and passive traction. Bending forward is not a problem for most people but bending backwards can be hard for some. With BodyBridge, bending backward is no longer hard and you can accomplish within a week using Body Bridge. It is important that you can bend backward and forward for you to have a good spinal mobility. You might experience back pain or discomfort when you do not have spinal mobility.

Indeed BodyBridge Passive Spinal Stretching Inversion Bridge safely supports your body while you stretch or bend forward or backward. It can target your upper back, middle and lower part depending on your position. It certainly improves posture and increase spinal length. It reduces spinal decompression thus very effective in relieving back pain cause by herniated disc. And you can have one in your own home where you can exercise regularly. Does not take up much space and it fold nicely for easy storage.