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Back Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

For full recovery from injury or even from a surgery of your back, you need regular exercises to slowly rebuild the strength of your back and slowly go back to your day to day activities. Your physical therapist may recommend that you perform your exercise ten to thirty minutes a day. There are exercises specific […]

Pelvic Traction For Back Pain Relief

Traction otherwise famous as spinal decompression therapy focuses in the mechanical and functional feature of discogenic pain. Traction has existed long, long time ago and has been use by a physiotherapists for a long time now. Traction can be done manually although today with the advance in computer technology, there are machines designed for spinal […]

Physical Therapy For Back Pain

Back pain is common ailments experience by most individual these days especially low back pain. Recurrent low back pain which lasted between two to six weeks can be managed by exercises and physical therapy. Generally the purpose of exercises and physical therapy are to increase mobility and function; to prevent further recurrences of pain and […]

Back Pain Treatment Options

Do you know that over sixty-five million Americans are suffering from back pain every year? That is how common back pain is nowadays. Because of this various research and studies were made and with the advance in medical and technology today, various treatment options are now available for people who suffers from back pain. But […]

Sciatic Nerve Exercises For Sciatica Pain Relief

Most cases of sciatica pain responds well with specific exercise program. This sciatica exercise has its two main goal and that is lessens sciatic pain and prevents future occurrence. Most physical therapist, spine specialist, chiropractor or physiatrist will generally prescribed specific exercise and instruct you on how to perform the exercise. For some people, they […]

Acupuncture For Back Pain Relief

Acupuncture is proven to be effective treatment for back pain. Several studies have been conducted already and found acupuncture to be effective in lessening chronic back pain. Procedure for acupuncture involves the use of thin needles to be inserted in various strategic points in your body. This serves to balance the flow of energy in […]

Lower Back Pain Relief Tips

Figures shows that seventy percent of adults at one time of their life have experience lower back pain and have search continuously for back pain relief. When you are affected with pain in back, you will be lucky enough if you can go on working. Fortunately most cases of back pain goes away after several […]

Yoga For Back Pain Relief

Back pain especially lower back pain is one condition that most people suffer these days. In fact it is one of the most common causes why individuals often miss work. There are various ways for you to achieve back pain relief. There are medications that you can take to manage the pain. Other methods include […]

What Is The Best Pain Relief Ointment?

Pain is the oldest medical problem man face and pain management or complete removal of such has been the ultimate goal of medical professionals. From ancient medicine practices to modern day healthcare professionals, each of them has their own suggestion or recommendation of the best pain relief from medications to topical solutions like creams, gels […]

What Is The Best Pain Relief Rub?

Too much physical activity may result to joint pain even after you take your usual arthritis pain reliever. You may try using over the counter pain relief rub or cream to lessen the pain instead of taking another pill. But the question most people ask is if this over the counter cream or rub really […]