Decompression Of The Spine

Spinal Decompression is one non-invasive way to treat chronic back or neck pain. It has proven to be successful with no medications or drugs involved thus no side effects at all. It has proven to be successful even with patients who have undergo several traditional therapies like massage, drugs, chiropractic, acupuncture, injections and even surgery.

The most common back problem that is treated by decompression of the spine include degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, stenosis, sciatica, bulging discs and spinal arthritis.

How does Spinal Decompression work?

The best thing about this new technology is that it targets the specific area or the damaged disc that causes back pain. The decompressive force slowly stretches the spine where it needs allowing the negative pressure to develop in the damaged disc. With the negative force it makes the disc bulge retract back to the disc and at the same time draws oxygen, nutrients and water back into the disc thus restoring and rejuvenating the disc and gets it to function normally.

Spinal decompression really heals from the source thus provides long lasting effect. The pain slowly disappears as your disc begins to heal. During the therapy, the patient just lies on a padded bed and they don’t experience any pain at all but just a gentle stretch in the lumbar spine or neck. They even find this therapy to be relaxing and comfortable. Here are some interesting facts and worth to note regarding Spinal Decompression;

  • Patients who completed their whole program of Spinal Decompression care shows high success rate for pain relief.
  • 86% of patient treated reports immediate relief of symptoms.
  • Patients who undergo the therapy have freedom from all pain medications.
  • Day to day activities is continued with no problem anymore.

Spine decompression is proven effective in several studies in fact an MRI evidence of non-surgical, mechanical reduction, re-hydration and repair of the herniated lumbar disc is seen (Journal of Neuroimaging 1998).

Indeed spinal decompression is quite popular today. It is one treatment that most people turn to when it comes to neck pain or back pain which is caused by damaged disc. People really find Spinal decompression really effective.