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Middle Back Pain On The Left Side

Middle back pain in the left side is quite common today. It affects a lot of people and it affects their daily activities. It has various causes and it is very important to know the real cause of the pain so that it can be treated as early as possible. In order to know the […]

Back Pain On The Upper Left Side

Upper back pain in the left side occurs in the lower neck down to the middle spine or thoracic spine. This pain is not as common as lower back pain yet it can still make individuals uncomfortable and even disabling in some cases. This pain can be cause by some injuries or wrong posture which […]

Causes Of Pain In Back Of Head And Neck

Severe pain in the back of the head and neck can give you sleepless nights. The pain may range from mild to severe and patient suffers different intensities and patterns of pain. Causes of such pain differ from one individual to another. Fortunately pain in back of the head and neck does not signify any […]

Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint of individuals these days. Back pain can range from mild to a chronic one and this can be brought about by too much strenuous activity, bad posture, strain, psychological problem, degenerative problems in the spine and injuries. This is not really an illness but rather a sign that something […]

Symptoms Of Sciatica

Sciatica is a pain that travels along the path of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body. Sciatic nerve fibers start at L4 to L5 and few segments of the sacrum. The sciatic nerve goes through the sciatic foramen under the Piriformis muscle and down to the back […]

Treatment For Herniated Disc In Lower Back

One common medical condition in the lumbar spine is herniated disc. With herniated disc a tear in its outer layer (annulus fibrosus) lets its inner gel like material (nucleus pulposus) to leak out into the spinal canal. This disc material can compress a nerve root and as a result, the patient may experience weakness, numbness […]

Pelvic Traction For Back Pain Relief

Traction otherwise famous as spinal decompression therapy focuses in the mechanical and functional feature of discogenic pain. Traction has existed long, long time ago and has been use by a physiotherapists for a long time now. Traction can be done manually although today with the advance in computer technology, there are machines designed for spinal […]

Back Pain And Spinal Cancer

Spinal cancer is quite rare. If we look at the incidence rate of cancers in Central Nervous System (CNS) including spinal cord cancer in United States you will observe that the number is low. As of 2007, CNS cancers among adults are 6.4 new cases in every 100,000 persons and 2.9 new cases every 100,000 […]

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis refers to a “slipped vertebral body” and is identified when one vertebra slipped forward to its adjacent or to the one below it. This is usually as a result of the normal aging process of the ligaments, joints and bones in the spine thus the spine begins to get weak and makes it […]

Lumbar Spondylosis Exercises

Low back pain is very common these days. In fact it affects about sixty to eighty-five percent of adults. Good thing is most cases, symptoms are just mild and fleeting, with ninety percent of it goes away within six weeks. Pain which persists for over three months which is considered as chronic low back pain […]