Narrowing Of The Spine

Narrowing of the spine also termed as spinal Stenosis. The space enclosing the spinal cord or nerves narrows thus putting pressure in the spinal cord or nerves. Majority of this condition is often found in the lower back or the lumbar spine where there is compression in the nerve root. Patient usually experience pain that radiates at the back of the leg, can also cause numbness or cramping of the legs, arms, shoulders, neck or back. In some instances there can be loss of sensation in the extremities. On rare cases it can also cause problems in the bowel or bladder function.

Narrowing of the spine is a common condition among elderly people and mostly found in people who are affected with osteoarthritis. Even the young are not exempted with this condition because it can strike them when they had spinal injuries or a narrow spinal canal. So what causes narrowing of the spine? Read further on and discover the cause of the narrowing of the spine.

Age. Because of the normal aging process the tough connecting tissues between the vertebrae in the spine thicken and you may also find bone spurs in the spinal canal. Age can also cause the spinal disc to deteriorate. All these causes narrowing of the spine.

Arthritis. Conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can narrow the spine.

Hereditary. There are cases when his spinal canal is too small by birth so that narrowing of the spine can be seen at such a young age. There might also be structural deformities in the vertebrae which can result to narrowing of the spinal canal.

Spine Arthritis. This condition is one common cause for spinal Stenosis. Arthritic changes which can result to nerve compression will in turn cause narrowing of the spine. Most common changes can include degeneration of the spinal disc, calcification of ligaments in the spine and bone spurs.

Trauma or Injury. Mot of the time injuries and accidents may dislocate the spine and can injure the spinal canal. Fragments of bones can go through the spinal canal which can cause to spine problems.

There are number of treatment available for narrowing of the spine. Checkout below some of the most common treatment for this condition.

Alternative Therapy. This therapy may include massage, acupressure, magnet, acupuncture and many more. It does bring changes in the condition that is associated with narrowing of the spine.

Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medicines. NSAID’s are the usual prescribed medication to lessen inflammation and relieve pain. This medicine should be taken under the guidance of your healthcare provider.

Physical Therapy. The first line of treatment for narrowing of spine or spinal Stenosis is physical therapy. This focus in strengthening the back muscles as well as stretching the muscles and not to forget improves posture.

Rest. This is of course recommended to treat the condition. Resume to your usual activity slowly after the rest also helps in lessening the symptoms you experience. Performing light aerobic activity like cycling may be suggested after the rest.

Weight Loss. Losing weight is quite hard but losing a few pounds is quite beneficial for people who suffer from spinal Stenosis. When you are lighter then the spine has fewer loads which can take too much stress off the spine.

Spine Surgery. When all the other options mentioned above fails then surgery may be necessary. With the surgery the nerves are decompress. However it is better to exhaust all means before resorting to surgery.

So if you are one of those who suffer from narrowing of the spine, better consult your doctor immediately. This condition can bring too much discomfort in performing your daily task that is why it is better to seek medical help as early as possible so that the right medical interventions can be started.