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Narrowing Of The Spine

Narrowing of the spine also termed as spinal Stenosis. The space enclosing the spinal cord or nerves narrows thus putting pressure in the spinal cord or nerves. Majority of this condition is often found in the lower back or the lumbar spine where there is compression in the nerve root. Patient usually experience pain that […]

Spinal Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis usually affects any joints in the body and that includes the spine. Spinal arthritis actually happens in facet joints. These joints are the one that keeps the vertebrae and this is usually found in the rear part of the spine. Facet joints are the one responsible for movement in the spine which includes stretching, […]

Arthritis Of The Spine

Are you experiencing pain in the back? Arthritis of the spine can be very devastating and the pain can be unbearable sometimes. This condition often affects people age 40 and above. If ignored, it can develop psychological problems like depression and anxiety. Being kept in bed and not be able to do your normal activities […]