What Is The Best Arthritis Pain Medication?

Arthritis is not a problem as long as it is manage the right way. If the right treatment will be given then the problem with arthritis is manage well. However it is your doctor that knows best on the right treatment thus it is vital that you know the different treatment options for arthritis that is available now. When one is undergoing treatment for arthritis, one factor to be consider is the lifestyle, needs of the patient, health and many more. The treatment’s purpose is to improve functioning of the affected area and manage the pain. Check out below the treatment options for arthritis.

Arthritis Treatments Options


Do you know that if you do not take enough rest then your arthritis can get worst? Make sure that you do not overdo things to aid in lessening the pain that is cause by over doing. You can benefit from various relaxation techniques and stress management.


According to studies, exercise prove to be very beneficial in treating arthritis most especially osteoarthritis. It is found out that exercise aids in easing out pain, maintaining weight, improving blood circulation to all parts of the body and increase flexibility. It certainly promotes general fitness. There are many various exercises which can become part of your daily routine like water exercises, yoga exercises, walking exercise, strength training with exercise band and many more.

Talk with your physician before you start any exercise programs. He knows what type of exercise is best for you and your doctor may prescribe some therapeutic exercise.


Medications is one option for all types of arthritis especially osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These medications are prescribed by your doctors to lessen inflammation and pain in mild to moderate cases. The medication they often prescribed is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

For severe cases, corticosteroids are prescribed. It helps in lessening stiffness and pain. In some instances injections of steroids direct to the affected joint will be given. Effects can be temporary or long lasting. If your arthritis is a result in problems of the immune system then drugs which act on immune system are given.

Splints and Braces

Splints and braces can be a big help in keeping the joints in the right position and for pain relief. There are splints for the wrist, fingers, knee and many more. These splints can be made of plastic and cast material.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is the major way of treating arthritis. This condition often gets worst when you are overweight. Your doctor can suggest exercises that will help you lose weight if not maintain your weight.


This is usually the last option one has in cases of arthritis. If the injury to the joints is severe and none of he above treatments work then your doctor may suggest surgery. There are different surgery procedures too. Discuss each of this with your doctor.

All this options can be considered best arthritis medication for an individual depending on what kind of treatments would best work for you. It all depends on each individual. One treatment might work for others but does not work for you. But the best arthritis medication so far is the conventional ones that comprise the first five discuss above. It is safe and less side effects. Even the medication can have less side effects if manage effectively. So if you are suffering from this condition, try the conventional method of treating arthritis.