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Causes Of Tingling In The Left Hand

Some individuals are quite alarm when they experience tingling in their left hand although some people find it irritating too. This tingling of the left hand can be cause by problems with the nerves and the muscles, poor blood circulation as well as other health problems. If you experience tingling sensation in your left hand […]

Herniated Disc Symptoms

Herniated disc is a condition that happens when a disc thrust out into the spinal canal. As part of the natural aging process, disc degenerates and the inner disc material can thrust out into the spinal canal. A herniated disc can affect any section of the spine but the most common is in the lumbar […]

How To Treat Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem of most people these days. The usual reason why people miss work is because they have back pains. It can be such a bothersome at times. The probable reason for back pain is the alarming increase of obesity and also of bad postures or any other serious conditions in […]

Slipped Disc Surgery

The spine is actually made up of vertebrae or bones where you will find cartilage disc between the bones. This disc contains a gel-like substance in the center which makes the spine flexible and at the same time acts as shock absorber. When the soft part of the disc (center) bulges out it puts some […]

What To Expect After Back Surgery?

Back pain nowadays is very rampant. Almost all of the population in the United States has experience back pain once in their lifetime. But there are people too that experience the pain too often that medical attention is really needed. Most of the time if pain persist then surgery might be your only option. Preparing […]

How Much Does Back Surgery Cost

Back pain is a common problem today. Base on the record from Center of Disease Control (CDC) about 2.4 million adults suffer from chronic back pain in the United States alone. The cost of surgery to reduce back pain differs on the type of back surgery that one undergoes. However it is advisable to discuss […]

Causes Of Middle Back Pain

The occurrence of low back pain is about eighty percent that is about thirty-one million Americans have experience it at any given time. It is second to the most common cold as the reason why patient seek medical care. Most cause of back pain are not serious although there are cases too where it is […]

What Is The Best Arthritis Pain Medication?

Arthritis is not a problem as long as it is manage the right way. If the right treatment will be given then the problem with arthritis is manage well. However it is your doctor that knows best on the right treatment thus it is vital that you know the different treatment options for arthritis that […]

Causes Of Severe Neck Pain

Most people do experience neck pain due to poor posture but for some people it might be a sign of a more serious health conditions. Listed below are some of the problems that might lead to neck pain.

Causes Of Mid Back Pain

Middle back pain is a rare occurrence yet it can still happen but not as common as pain in the neck or lower back since that part of the spine is not often as bent as the other two mention. Generally this condition does heal on its own with rest and exercises but in some […]