Arthritis In Cats

A new study made by the Glasgow University found that arthritis in cats is common than they thought of before. Professor Bennett of University Vet School found that 30 percent of entire population of cats over the age of eight is suffering from pain thus lessen their quality of life due to arthritis. It was thought that cats do not suffer from such disease since their signs are not that prominent than other animals.

Arthritis symptoms in cats are quite difficult to detect or identify. One thing for sure is that cats with arthritis generally does not limp like dogs do or a horse might do. Also their joints are not really thickened which makes it different from other animals. In a recent study headed by Professor Bennett, they found a way to know if cats are in pain or suffer from some kind of arthritis and that is to see for any lifestyle changes which may show motion issues. This might show unwillingness to jump or not able to jump as high as before. Reduce overall activity like more on sleeping and less in playing or less in hunting is a sign. (Science Daily, August 2007).

Cats which show signs of aching joints may be affected with osteoarthritis. It is a degenerative joint disease which might be cause by excess weight thus weight control is vital part of any osteoarthritis or any arthritis treatment. General symptoms of osteoarthritis may include reluctance to jump, personality changes like increased aggression or nervousness, pain when walking and changes in the way it walks.

Veterinarian always does a detailed history of the problem and physical examination. Some test might be done to support the examination like ultrasound, blood tests or radiographs. Because of the alarming increase in cases of arthritis in cats today, pharmaceutical companies have put more effort to develop a medicine that will treat or manage this disease. The use of Glucosamine and Chondroitin is popular today in combination with products like Cosequin which are available in your veterinarian.

Syn-Flex is another product which is known to be more effective than Cosequin and is said to provide fast pain relief for cats arthritis. Other treatments like Corticosteroids and NSAIDs are use too although it has undesirable side effects to the cat. These are given as a last resort. Home treatments like weight control, exercise and warmth place for your cat can be very effective in treating pain.

There is really no cure for osteoarthritis but to be able to manage the symptoms or signs can help make your cat’s life more comfortable.