Hip Arthritis Symptoms

Hip Arthritis is one of the most common types of arthritis that most individuals suffer today. Hip arthritis is sometimes referred to as degenerative joint disease. This condition is distinguished by tear and wear of the cartilage surface which lines the joints of the body. It provides flexibility for dynamic movements.

A healthy hip joint is the smoothest joint to operate in the body as long as the hip joint is really healthy. But then again, like any other joint in the body, it can undergo abuse and use through time making arthritis the most common condition that most middle aged and older adults suffers today. In fact the Arthritis Foundation has estimated several million Americans suffering from hip arthritis.

Checkout hip arthritis symptoms below, who knows you might be suffering from and yet just not aware of it or just ignoring the pain you experience. If you think you experience the following symptoms of hip arthritis then better go see your doctor.

• If takes you long to move around in the morning then hip arthritis could be the problem. When you get older it takes time to move after a long period of being still like when you sleep. Your joints might not loosen up appropriately.
• When walking, if you limp or if you have problems bearing weight in your leg then arthritis may be the problem. It brings considerable amount of joint pain and inflammation. It is the inflammation that sets off nerve fibers to send out pain signals to the brain. This results to a limply afterwards.
• A pain in the groin that travels down in the inside of the knee is more likely from the hip.
• Problem rising from a chair or straightening out is often a sign of hip arthritis. Flexibility in the hip joint is often the problem thus unable to stand erect after sitting is a common problem.
• If after exercising your hip you feel much better then your problem is most likely hip arthritis.

Any combination of the symptoms mentioned above may support a problem of hip arthritis. So if you experience any two or more of the above symptoms mentioned then you better go check with your doctor so that appropriate treatment will be started. Addressing the problem as early as possible can prevent serious damage.

Treatment for such condition varies. You can have the option of non-surgical to surgical form of treatment. However non-surgical treatment is the most recommended of all. Arthritis has no cure but the symptoms can be manage successfully. It is recommended that you keep updated of the new research and studies done in this subject so that you will know the new forms treatment.

Your diet plays an important role in managing your arthritis. You can prevent such conditions by observing the right diet. Recently a research has been made and results are published. This study shows that garlic can protect one from hip arthritis. Professor Ian Clark from the University of East Anglia commented that this latest finding can open doors of using it in diet or making it as dietary supplements for future treatment osteoarthritis or hip arthritis (Arthritis Research UK, December 2010)