Neck Arthritis Symptoms

As one age, neck pain is a normal occurrence as part of the aging process. Just like other parts of the body, the neck also experience change as your grow old. The discs that gives cushions to the bones gets dryer and the ligaments that holds the vertebrae together then becomes stiff. Bone spurs may develop in no time. This bone spurs can press or may compress one or more nerve roots. In more severe cases the spinal cord may be involved thus this can affect the arms as well as the legs.

Other factors that may cause neck arthritis or cervical spondylosis are past neck injury, past spine surgery, severe arthritis, injuries or trauma, occupation that entails a lot of neck movement and overhead work, smoking and if your family has a history of neck arthritis.

Neck arthritis symptoms might come suddenly or develop through time. Whichever it is, below are the symptoms of neck arthritis.

• Headaches specifically one that is in the back of your head.
• Neck stiffness that gradually gets worst through time.
• Pain in the neck that may spread to the shoulders and arms.
• Abnormal feeling or loss of sensation in the arms, shoulder or rare in the legs.
• Weakness in the arms and sometimes in the legs.

In rare instances symptoms like loss of balance and loss of control of bowels and bladder occurs.

Diagnosing the condition consist of thorough physical examination by the doctor and most of this examination shows limited capacity to bend the head toward the shoulder and rotate the head, reflexes are often decreased and weakness or loss of sensation may be a symptom of a damaged nerve.

There are testing that may be required like CT scan or MRI, Neck x-ray and EMG to further confirm what is diagnose during the physical examination.

Neck arthritis symptoms or cervical spondylosis symptoms usually alleviates with simple conservative treatment which includes the following – taking of non- steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxant or narcotic medicine, some exercise to perform at home, Cortisone injection to certain part of the spine and even natural products that lessens or manage the pain.

Arthritis patients have high hopes since several studies and research are continuously done so as to develop a more advance way to stop and prevent arthritis. An interesting study has been recently made and the result was published at arthritis Research & Therapy. The study was about chicken collagen which can treat arthritis especially rheumatoid arthritis. It was found out that a protein in the cartilage of the chicken breast is the active element (Arthritis Research & Therapy Journal, December 2009).

It pays to be constantly informed and updated on the new things or new developments in the studies or research for treatments of arthritis. That way you will know too the best diet for you that will help reduce the symptoms of arthritis.