Best Chest Exercises For Pain Relief

Chest pain is something you should not ignore. It can be a sign of simple muscle tightness to a much serious vascular diseases. It is vital then that you consult your doctor whenever you experience chest pain to rule out any serious disease. Most individuals nowadays opt for chest exercises to relieve them from pain. But note that before you perform one, you need to make sure that you are cleared of any serious health conditions and that it is safe for you to perform chest exercise or any exercise for back pain.

If you are safe to perform exercises for pain then you can check out the best chest exercises for pain relief below.

Meditation and Deep Breathing

One of the reasons why individuals suffer chest pain is because the arteries are blocked or narrowed plus stress. The combination of this two can result to great complications like heart attack or heart disease. To combat such condition, deep breathing and meditation is recommended and is a healthy way to treat stress. You can perform this everyday in the comfort of your home. Meditation and breathing exercise is best recommended against stress and against any heart diseases according to University of Maryland Medical Center ( Myocardial Infarction ).

But one should seek medical advice whether breathing exercises are good for individuals who are suffering from chest pain due to trauma or injury in the chest wall. Inflating the lungs in this instance can result to severe pain which depends on the severity of the injury too. Thus it is important that you are cleared by a medical professional before you perform any breathing exercise and even if you are given clearance to do it still patients should take it slow to prevent any further injury.

Chest Stretch

Chest stretch is great exercise for chest to relieve pain. You can start by using a resistance band. How to perform? Sit in a cross legged position on the floor and keep the resistance band just above your head with your hands positioned outside. Pull your arms and slowly lower it, the resistance band will contract or expand and the band goes behind your back and on your head. You can do it in opposite direction.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics are low impact exercise and is best chest exercise for pain relief. You do not have to worry because you can certainly perform this exercise even if you do not know how to swim since you do not have to go to deep waters but you can do this in the shallow end of the pool. This can bring lots of benefits like improving cardiovascular condition, muscular endurance provides support and buoyancy; improved flexibility, burn calories and certainly keeps you cool.

Swiss Ball Exercise or Stability Ball Exercise

This is one chest strengthening exercise. The use of such balls in exercise can build your endurance as well as strength which make you more functional with your day to day tasks or activities.