Black Exercise Fitness Therapy Inversion Table


This is an upgraded heavy duty table. It can relieve stress, stimulate blood circulation and relax the muscle. It will slowly rotate when you gradually place your arms backward.Since safety is our number one concern, we offer the best design to guarantee safe inversion.


  • Durable steel frame
  • 3-position roller hinges for control of rotation speed
  • Ergonomically padded ankle brackets in secure design
  • Adjustable for individuals from 4'10" to 6'6" in height
  • Supportive up to 330 lbs in weight


As one grows old, gravity begins to take its effect on your body. The effects of gravity in the body slowly strains down on your spine, muscles and organs. Healthy living means proper diet and exercise which only slow down the onset of undesirable effects of gravity like neck and back pain. But there is one proven way of slowing down the effects of gravity in the body that is through back inversion therapy.

Inversion therapy gives solution to back pain by curing the source and that is the spine. The major part of the body which is affected with the force of gravity is the spine. Too much pressure in the spine will result to back pain which is what most people have experience today. Inversion therapy brings relief to such condition by counter acting the force of gravity in the body.

For people who have long been suffering with back problems, Inversion therapy table is there solution and what makes it more desirable is that the inversion table therapy can be access in your own home when you have your own inversion table. You just have to find the best inversion table and when you talk about quality, nothing can beat Black Exercise Fitness Therapy Inversion Table.

This inversion table can relieve back pain, stress, relax the muscle and improve blood circulation. This device is easy to use and certainly guarantees a safe inversion. Its frame is made of heavy duty steel and it can support weight up to 330 pounds. Its height is adjustable from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches. It has 3 position roller hinges that allows you to control the speed of rotation. It has ankle brackets which are fully padded for additional comfort and security.

Indeed Black Exercise Fitness Therapy Inversion Table is worth your money. It certainly can change your life for the better and not only that, anyone in your family can benefit of it. You do not have to suffer back pains to use this device. You can use it for a few minutes a day to prevent from having back problems and instead have a healthier back.