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How To Cure Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common problem for people today. It can be a result from sitting too long, trauma, lifting heavy objects or poor body posture. Various medications can relieve the pain but it will just be temporary. The pain may recur again. It is better then if you try out natural lower back […]

Black Exercise Fitness Therapy Inversion Table

As one grows old, gravity begins to take its effect on your body. The effects of gravity in the body slowly strains down on your spine, muscles and organs. Healthy living means proper diet and exercise which only slow down the onset of undesirable effects of gravity like neck and back pain. But there is […]

Soozier Elite Gravity Fitness Therapy Exercise Inversion Table

Inversion table along with inversion chairs is a convenient and easy way to benefit from inversion therapy. The use of inversion table is known to bring relief from back pain and most of all it is proven to counter the negative effects of gravity in your body. You might not know it but gravity do […]