Pure Fitness Inversion Therapy Table


Inversion table is a great way to keep the body and back in healthy shape, 3 position bench, folds for easy storage, relieves back pressure, increases blood circulation, promotes stretching & improves posture, adjustable leg height, includes water bottle, weight limit 220lb.


  • 3 position bench
  • Relieves back pressure
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Promotes stretching & improves posture
  • Adjustable leg height, folds easy for storage


Everyone experiences back discomfort. This can be obtained from a stressing day at work or even just by standing and sitting improperly. Back pains are really troublesome and should be avoided. Issues regarding back pains may drive negative feedback on one’s health. Thus, the person who experiences such must research remedies available in the market. You may also resort to taking medications coming from medical specialists in this field.

Back pain inversion table is one of the many solutions in back pain. This is already used by some consumers over a long period already. However, most people still do not know the benefits he/she may obtain by using these extraordinary devices. The inversion table is used normally to keep the body and back in its nice form. With this, the blood circulation is improved. Also, flexibility is positively affected improving the athletic performance of the user.

Pure Fitness Inversion Therapy Table is commonly known brand when it comes to Inversion Therapy. The device has three position benches. Adjusting this may give the user the comfort of choosing the right fit for him/her. In storing, it can easily be folded away. Back pain relief is supported by applying pressure on the back.

The therapy table promotes stretching and improves posture. You can easily fit onto the device since it has and adjustable leg height. Some features that can also be utilized are its water bottle. The user would not be taxed anymore of finding his/her way to the kitchen just to get a glass of water during the therapy. It should be taken note that the weight limit of Pure Fitness Inversion Therapy Table is 220 lbs.

This product is economical yet provides satisfactory results. This product has been highly recommended as well as highly rated by users. It in fact gained 4 stars out of 5 which only make it worth a try.