Cervical Disc Herniation

Massage therapy is getting popular these days but individuals should have a careful assessment whether massage is really good or work on specific condition. In most instances massage is really beneficial but there are some instances too where it can do much harm too.

One specific condition that is too sensitive for massage therapy is cervical disc herniation. It is important that your doctor diagnose it right and let your doctor evaluate whether a massage is appropriate or not.

A herniated disc is a result from too much compression load in the spine and this condition is most common to occur in the lumbar area but it can still occur in the cervical spine. Cervical disc herniation results to neurological dysfunction in the neck and upper extremities and it often produce pain.

Cervical disc herniation often occurs in the lower part of the cervical spine. The nerve roots in this area are what we call Brachial Plexus. This nerve connects through the upper extremity so that symptoms are mostly felt part or all of the upper extremity.

The leading symptoms of cervical disc herniation include weakness in the neck and upper extremities and of course pain. The pain or weakness can appear in all its upper extremity or only part of it. Since pain can appear in any part of the upper extremity thus it would be hard to identify whether the symptoms experience is from cervical disc herniation.

Before, surgery is the common option of treatment for this condition but now research has shown that a patient does not have to undergo surgical procedures to treat cervical disc herniation. There are a lot of rehabilitative exercises that can help the disc return to its normal position. It is important then that you consult with your doctor or other health professional for recommendations of treatment

Just make sure to consult your doctor if you undergo certain physical therapies, massage or exercise for your own safety.