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Bulging Disc Symptoms

Most of the time we often hear medical terms like bulging disc, herniated disc and even slipped disc. For most part this terms means the same but the truth is there is a difference between a bulging disc and herniated disc. A bulging disc actually expands than it normally is. The bulge do affects a […]

Herniated Disc Symptoms

Herniated disc is a condition that happens when a disc thrust out into the spinal canal. As part of the natural aging process, disc degenerates and the inner disc material can thrust out into the spinal canal. A herniated disc can affect any section of the spine but the most common is in the lumbar […]

Anterior Cervical Discectomy

For those people who are suffering from severe neck pain or any problem in the cervical spine then an anterior cervical discectomy may be needed. This article will discuss what this surgical procedure is all about.

Cervical Pinched Nerve

Cervical radiculopathy is another name for cervical pinched nerve. This condition happens when a nerve in the neck is pinched or irritated at the base of the spinal canal. The pain usually spread down to the shoulder, arm and even down to the hand. There are different causes of Cervical radiculopathy but the most common […]

What Are The Best Neck Pain Exercises?

Back pain has been a daily worry of most individuals today. In fact in a survey it shows that out of 1000 United States adults showed that back and neck pain affects everyone at some point of their lives. It is indeed a major concern since some individual miss work because of it (North American […]

Cervical Bone Spurs

Cervical bone spurs or osteophytes are actually a sign of spinal degeneration. Osteophytes are common to people who are advance in age that is 60 years old and above. Spine degeneration usually occurs early adulthood yet cervical bone spurs only happens in about forty percent of the total people who have spinal degeneration.

Causes Of Severe Neck Pain

Most people do experience neck pain due to poor posture but for some people it might be a sign of a more serious health conditions. Listed below are some of the problems that might lead to neck pain.

Causes Of Left Arm Pain

There are many conditions that may cause left arm pain.  The most common cause is muscle injuries which include bruise and strains. But specific environmental factors, medical conditions, and trauma can also cause pain in the left arm. Pain in the left arm can be mild or severe depending on the source of the pain […]

Best Ways To Relieve Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common affliction that can be caused by posture, stress, or pressure on the nerves. There are different ways for relieving neck pain, and various approaches work for various individuals. Pain medications can bring some relief as physical therapy can. Self-care such as applying heat or cold works for mild neck pain, […]

Cervical Spinal Stenosis Causes And Treatment

Cervical spinal stenosis is the thinning of the space surrounding the neck and spinal cord. The bones in the spine have a hollow space where the spinal cord passes through and this hollow space is what we call spinal canal. The thinning of this spinal canal results to condition called central stenosis or spinal canal […]