Effectiveness of Spinal Decompression Machines

Spinal Decompression Machines were specifically invented for use by qualified and professional chiropractors as a non surgical aid for the relief and safe, effective treatment of herniated or bulging discs. Treatment called spinal decompression therapy using specific spinal decompression machines can rid you of that nagging lower back ache or neck pain that stops you enjoying a full and healthily active life.

Firstly before we explain what spinal decompression machines are and how they can relieve your pain, we need to explain why you are in pain. A herniated or bulging disc (sometimes called a slipped disc) is caused by a tiny fragment of the normal vertebrae breaking off and lodging itself (called compression of the disc) against a nerve or against the spinal column itself. This is what is causing you the agonizing pain you experience when you bend, reach up, or when you forget you have a herniated, bulging disc and try going through the normal everyday actions needed for the simplest thing like putting on your shoes for instance, or just dressing yourself. This condition has a number of causes the main one being age and the degeneration of the spine, and then back injuries occurring years before the actual pain starts to become apparent.

Spinal decompression therapy takes place over a period of 15 to 20 treatment sessions which are done over a five to eight week time span. Even if pain relief is accomplished after the first few treatments, the recommendation is that the course be completed, that is the full amount of treatments be undertaken to maximise the benefits the spinal decompression treatment and the non return of pain which might re-occur if the treatment is not completed fully.

Decompression Machines

The DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Machine: This machine is specifically designed for the decompression of that pressing and aggravating nerve fragment. The use of this machine involves parts of the patient’s spine being gently stretched which then allows for the correct alignment of the spine to take place, making space for the vertebrae to line up as they should. During the spinal decompression treatment, the pressure applied to the spine decompresses the intervertabral discs.

This will create a vacuum inside the vertebrae or slipped disc thus causing bits and fragments that have slipped out of place, or that have been squeezed out of alignment due to lack of space, to return to the position that they originally were, which in turn relieves the pressure of the fragmented disc pressing on a nerve.
The DRX9000 can be very effective in treating the following conditions: sciatica, posterior facet syndrome, protruding discs such as herniated or bulging discs or ruptured disc syndrome.

Clinical studies done using the DRX9000 and DRX9000C (for neck pain): Japanese studies showed a 76% success rate. A clinical study to examine the effectiveness and safety of the DRX9000, authored by Dr John Leslie of the Mayo Clinic proved that “A significant reduction in chronic LBP (Lower back pain) after non-invasive spinal decompression correlated with an increase in disc height.” The results of this clinical study and tests done over the allotted treatment time had an 88% success rate.