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Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint of individuals these days. Back pain can range from mild to a chronic one and this can be brought about by too much strenuous activity, bad posture, strain, psychological problem, degenerative problems in the spine and injuries. This is not really an illness but rather a sign that something […]

Lower Back And Abdominal Pain

Back and stomach pain is one sign or symptom that often go together. In fact around seventy-five percent of individuals who suffer unresolved back pain also have history of stomach problems. In most cases the two signs are associated to the same cause thus this two is the most common of all combination pain syndromes. […]

Back Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

For full recovery from injury or even from a surgery of your back, you need regular exercises to slowly rebuild the strength of your back and slowly go back to your day to day activities. Your physical therapist may recommend that you perform your exercise ten to thirty minutes a day. There are exercises specific […]

Back Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Many people experiencing chronic pain lower back pain find proper stretching of the back muscles to be an excellent way to get relief. In addition, stretching is a good way to prevent the onset of back pain. You should of course check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program, and ideally perform these exercises […]

Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Women

There are many causes for back pain but most often back pain can be a result from improper lifting or bending, pregnancy, chronic disease or excessive exercise. Lower back pain is more common to women due to the hormonal change that happens in the body when a woman is pregnant which affects the bone. Causes […]

Symptoms Of Sciatica

Sciatica is a pain that travels along the path of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body. Sciatic nerve fibers start at L4 to L5 and few segments of the sacrum. The sciatic nerve goes through the sciatic foramen under the Piriformis muscle and down to the back […]

Treatment For Herniated Disc In Lower Back

One common medical condition in the lumbar spine is herniated disc. With herniated disc a tear in its outer layer (annulus fibrosus) lets its inner gel like material (nucleus pulposus) to leak out into the spinal canal. This disc material can compress a nerve root and as a result, the patient may experience weakness, numbness […]

Pelvic Traction For Back Pain Relief

Traction otherwise famous as spinal decompression therapy focuses in the mechanical and functional feature of discogenic pain. Traction has existed long, long time ago and has been use by a physiotherapists for a long time now. Traction can be done manually although today with the advance in computer technology, there are machines designed for spinal […]

Spinal Injections For Back Pain

Back pain is the most common complain of people today and there are plenty of treatment options one can choose from. Treatment ranges from non-surgical to surgical for more severe case of back pain. One form of treatment recommended by doctor is the spinal injection. This form of treatment helps in lessening the pain as […]

Physical Therapy For Back Pain

Back pain is common ailments experience by most individual these days especially low back pain. Recurrent low back pain which lasted between two to six weeks can be managed by exercises and physical therapy. Generally the purpose of exercises and physical therapy are to increase mobility and function; to prevent further recurrences of pain and […]