Health Mark IVO18650 GravityTrac System Inversion Table


Relieves vertebrae and disk compression. Reduces tension and fatigue. Relaxes muscle tissue with gentle stretching. Increases blood circulation to the brain, heart and lungs. Relieves neck and shoulder stiffness.


  • Firm and durable nylon bed; 4 settings on the pivot arms allow more sensitivity to the machine
  • 250 lb weight capacity
  • Folds for storage


Health Mark IVO18650 GravityTrac System Inversion Table is commonly used to relieve vertebrae and disk compression. You may get healthy back bones without sacrificing much money with therapies available commercially. Tension and fatigue has been the common problems of people in today’s time. With the help of this product, these two problems may be dealt with properly. It gives its user relief from low back pain.

The product starts out by relaxing muscle tissues. This is done by gently stretching the muscles to get that relaxation one can easily feel. Not only it provides back pain relief, it soothes neck and shoulder stiffness with continued usage. The user can also feel calmness due to the increase of blood circulation in his/her brain, heart and lungs. Over all health may be improved.

Technical details of the product include its weight capacity of 250 lbs and nylon bed which is proven to be firm and durable. Also, the table has 4 setting on the pivot arms. These setting allow more sensitivity to the machine. Storage can also be done with ease. It can be easily folded and stored anywhere in one’s home and would not consume much space.

Generally, customers that have used this product found it to be easy to use. There are no problems whatsoever in terms of its ergonomics since its height is adjustable. With this, you can easily know the right position to get the best position in maintaining the center of gravity. There might be some pressure on the ankles. Nonetheless, most incline tables nowadays, if not all, provide the same pressure that tax one’s ankle. Thus, the table may still be the best style to work with.

People love how the product can easily be stored with just a few folds. The user’s money is not sacrificed since this back stretcher fairly provides essential functions in relieving body aches.