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Healthrider Inversion Table System

Does inversion therapy really work? Most people would assume that something so affordable, which could be undertaken at home, is simply a fad. However, several recent medical studies have found that home inversion therapy really works. It does so by positioning your body in such a way as to counter the pull of gravity. In […]

Stamina 551539 Therapy Inversion System

Inversion Therapy is a great way to treat and prevent chronic back problems and even repetitive back pain. Millions of people today suffer from back pain due to various back problems. This kind of discomfort does not only affect those individuals who are advance of age but it can strike anybody at any age. This […]

Stamina Seated Inversion Core Training System

Are you experiencing constant back pain? It can be very frustrating especially since it always comes back without any signal at all. Most people just treat it with anti inflammatory drugs or any other pain medications. For severe cases doctors do recommend surgery but there is one method that does not involve surgery and is […]

Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Training System Inversion Therapy

Utilizing Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Training System Inversion Therapy is a great way to reduce your fatigue and back pain. Not only it does that, it also stimulates the person’s blood circulation. Healthy abs may also come its way depending on the user’s goal. This equipment is a great household accessory must buy. How does […]

Health Mark IVO18650 GravityTrac System Inversion Table

Health Mark IVO18650 GravityTrac System Inversion Table is commonly used to relieve vertebrae and disk compression. You may get healthy back bones without sacrificing much money with therapies available commercially. Tension and fatigue has been the common problems of people in today’s time. With the help of this product, these two problems may be dealt […]

Paradigm 100 Inversion Table System – Reviewed

There are various relatively recent products on the market, some of which are worth looking into. A handful have gained considerable acceptance amongst users, are actually increasing in reputation and growing. Some of these are really outstanding and worth looking at. Among the list of relatively new products available on the market that are in […]

Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion System with Door Savers

Teeter is one name you can trust when it comes to inversion equipment. Many people have claimed to have wonderful experience with this equipment. This product has been popularly use even by celebrities. You too can experience the benefit this system can deliver in your own home with the Teeter Hang Ups EZ UP Inversion […]