Herniated Disc Recovery Period

One of the most common causes of back pain today is herniated disc. There are a number of options when it comes to treating herniated disc from medication to physiotherapy and surgery but most of this option only delivers temporary relief. There is no specific time when it comes to recovery period for herniated disc. It actually varies from one patient to another depending on the severity of the disc herniation as well as its option of treatment.

Since the cause of herniated disc varies from one patient to another, it is really hard to tell a specific recovery period. But generally when you use conventional method in treating herniated disc, it can take years and there is no guarantee that the pain will go away or get treated. It is because conventional treatments only treat the symptoms of the problem and not really the source of the symptoms or the actual cause.

Just like for example, pain medication or pain killers does not really focus to treat pain for good. They only give you relief of pain for as long as you are taking them but the moment you stop, the pain comes back again and what is worst is that, taking pain medication for a period of time can bring about undesirable side effects.

Physiotherapist and Chiropractors are highly recommended to patients suffering from herniated disc. The problem is pain is temporarily gone but comes back again for a period of time that is because they failed to find out the real cause of the pain. And sadly, that is what happens with surgeries too. It is proven that over half of the back pain surgeries failed due to wrong diagnosis. They failed to identify the real problem.

Thus it is important that proper identification of the problem is done. Back pain is such a common symptoms for various back problems thus it is important that the real cause of the pain is identified so that proper treatment will be given. If this happens then recovery time might be shorten. The percentage of recovery is high using conventional methods of treatment. In fact only ten percent of people suffering herniated disc requires a surgery.

Herniated disc recovery time depends on how severe your condition is and how closely you follow your doctor’s instructions. Whether you undergo surgery or conservative treatment it is important that you follow to the detail your doctor’s instruction. The most important thing is keep an ideal weight and perform religiously your prescribed exercise program.