Knee Pain Remedies

Knee pain is a common complain of individuals today and treatment for such often depends on what causes your knee pain. It is important then that knee pain causes should be identified so that right treatment will be initiated. There are various ways to treat knee pain and the following are the most common knee pain remedies.

When one experience knee pain one usually resort to home remedies first to relieve the pain. The first one in the list is rest. Taking a break from your regular activities lessens strain in your knees and prevents any further damage. For minor injuries, a day or two would be enough but if injury is severe then it may take longer recovery time.

Second to do is the application of cold or ice pack to the injured area. Ice lessens inflammation and pain. A bag of frozen peas would be great since it can cover your whole knee or an ice pack wrap in a thin towel will do. Ice therapies is of course safe and effective but take note, do not use the ice for more than twenty minutes since there is a chance that it might damage your skin and nerve.

Next in the list is compression. This actually aids in preventing fluid build up in the affected tissues and keeps alignment of the knee and stability. Try to use a compression bandage that is self-adhesive, breathable and lightweight. The last on the list is elevation. Elevating your knee can aid in reducing swelling. You can just prop your injured leg with a pillow or simply sit in a recliner.

If pain persist then better check with your doctor. Your healthcare provider usually prescribed medicines to manage pain. They also recommend Physical therapy and use of braces. Injections of corticosteroids or hyaluronic acid are sometimes prescribed too for severe knee pain. If all else fail then surgery may be necessary although most patients now discuss other alternative medicine with their healthcare provider.

The use of Glucosamine and Chondroitin is one of the most popular today. These two are natural compounds that are found in the body. Glucosamine actually promotes the repair of cartilage while chondroitin sulphate put off enzymes that interfere in the development of cartilage. This two is said to slow down the loss of cartilage and is able to repair the damage.

Is this supported with a study? Researchers from California found out that patients taking these supplements enjoys a pain free life and have improved with their joint movement. In oxford University research, they found out that twenty percent of individuals who suffer from knee arthritis have benefited from taking glucosamine daily.