Non-Surgical Slipped Disc Treatment

Lots of individual who suffers from back pain seek a non-surgical form of treatment for slipped disc that is because most disc surgery does not really guarantee that it can cure disc problems. And not only that, disc surgery come with many risk so that surgical interventions is not a very good option for disc problems. Read further to know your different options of slipped disc treatment. A combination of the following non surgical treatments can deliver very good results to slipped or herniated disc treatment.

Non-Surgical Slipped Disc Treatment

Rest. The good news is most slipped disc resolves in time and does not really need treatment at all. It naturally heals with rest and of course time. You just have to avoid activities that you know can worsen your condition thus giving your body the time to heal on its own.

Cold and Hot Compress. If you feel pain then you can use cold and hot compress. You can start with cold compress for a few days to lessen the inflammation as well as swelling and then after that you can switch to hot compress so as to aid in relaxing the muscles and improve blood circulation thus reducing the pressure in the nerves.

Make sure that you start with the cold compress because if you start with the hot compress and there is still inflammation then it might just worsen your condition. It is imminent that you wait that the swelling and inflammation is gone before you switch to hot compress.

Medications. NSAID pain relievers are the usual medicine doctor prescribed. You can even buy this over the counter. Aside from NSAID, there are a lot of other medications to manage the pain brought about by slipped disc like acetaminophen, muscle relaxant and many more.

Physical Therapy. Exercise may not help disc problems directly but it can help to strengthen you back muscles as well as loosen up the tension of your back muscles thus relieving or lessening the load that the disc and spine have and most of all it can correct postural problems too. Stretching exercise is a good start and you can go on to strengthening exercise.

Inversion Therapy. With the word inversion it means upside down and inversion therapy actually means being suspended upside down. With this, pressure is taken off your spine by reversing the effects of gravity in your body thus decompressing the spine. A few minutes each day with inversion therapy definitely brings a lot of benefits to your spine and brings back good health to your discs.

Indeed it is better if you try out the non-surgical method of slip disc treatment before resorting to surgery. Non-surgical method has positive results than surgery and is much safer.