Slipped Disc In Neck Treatment

Slipped disc in the neck or known as cervical herniated disc is the most common conditions that affect the cervical spine and this usually strikes individual age between thirty to fifty years old. Most of this slipped disc in neck originates from a trauma or injury. Slipped disc in the neck can result to pain in the arm. The reason behind this is because the inner gel like material of the cervical disc has push through the outer layer of the disc and this material that bulge out presses on the nerve root resulting to severe pain that often radiates to the nerve pathway that is down the arm. Other symptoms include tingling and numbness in the arm as well as in the fingers. Muscle weakness is also observed.

Slipped Disc in Neck Treatment


Anti-inflammatory medications are commonly prescribed to lessen inflammation and pain. Pain killers are also use to lessen pain and discomfort but only for temporary basis only. Muscle relaxants are also given or a specific anti-depressant medication to aid in easing nerve type pain and bring back your sleep pattern to normal.


For severe pain which do not respond to other medication, epidural steroid injections can help lessen the inflammation and pain from a slipped disc neck. This can be very effective if combined with a complete rehabilitation program.

Physical Therapy and Exercise

Mckenzie exercise can help lessen pain in the arm. At first physical therapist may use modalities like the cold/hot pack or ultrasound which lessens muscle spasm.

Chiropractic Manipulation

Gentle manipulation perform by a professional chiropractic is definitely effective in reducing the pain. Too strong manipulations should be avoided since this can aggravate the pain and worsen any neurological damage if any.

Changes in Activities

There are certain activities that may tend to aggravate the herniated disc pain and it is just right to avoid such activity so as not to irritate further the nerve root. Such activities may include running, boating, lifting heavy objects and overhead activities that may need prolonged neck rotation or extension.

Other slipped neck treatment options include cervical traction, osteopathic medicine and bracing. Most of this pain will resolve over certain period of time. It can range from weeks to months however if the pain lasts longer than six to twelve weeks and the pain is still severe despite the conservative treatment then spine surgery might be your last option.

Generally spine surgery for cervical herniated disc is quite reliable and is perform with minimal amount of undesirable aftereffects. As long as it is done with an experience surgeon, success rate is about ninety-five to ninety-eight percent when we talk about arm pain relief.