What Is The Best Treatment For Bulging Disc?

A bulging disc is different from herniated disc since it is a back condition that happens over time unlike herniated disc which can occur suddenly. The disc is jelly like and is located in between vertebrae. This disc  bulge out pressing on the nerves which causes discomfort, pain and numbness.

A bulging disc can be very uncomfortable and painful. To some the pain can be unbearable but fortunately this pain can be taken cared of without resorting to surgery. It is important that you have full knowledge of what you are suffering from that way you are well prepared on how to deal with it and manage it.

Treatment for bulging disc depends on the severity of the condition but the usual ways of treating bulging disc are the following;

Rest for a day followed by slow mobilization. Limit your activities for the day and get some bed rest but do not stay too long in bed for it might worsen your condition. Move around and go on doing your daily chores, just do not overdo it.

Pain medications. Doctors do prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce inflammation as well as pain relievers to lessen the pain.

Chiropractic. So far chiropractic is the best treatment for bulging disc. A chiropractor can administer the right bulging disc treatment. The treatment includes massaging along with some re-adjustment and re-alignment.

Physical Therapy. Another highly recommended treatment for bulging disc is through Physical therapy. It is important though for you to consult your doctor so that your doctor can create the right program that would answer your needs. Physical therapy do use different methods like Traction, massage therapy, stretching exercises, ultrasound therapy, and ice and heat therapy. One of this might just work for you and your doctor will be the one to help you decide which therapy would best work for you.

Epidural steroid injections. Epidural consists of corticosteroid and an anesthetic numbing agent. This can reduce inflammation and can be very effective. It definitely brings pain relief for a long period of time.

Of course there is one option if all this traditional methods fail and that is surgery. But as much as possible try to consider the above bulging disc treatment before you make any decision if you really need a surgery or not.