Review Of Home Inversion Tables

Ever heard of Inversion Tables? Well you might be surprise but inversion tables have been around for a long time already but it wasn’t known until now. It is only recently that people discover the amazing effects it brings to the body. Well for one, no one would want to hang upside down right? But then again the benefit it brings is all worth it. Let’s try to take a look at the great benefits that it brings to you.

Relieves Back Pain

As you advance in age, the gravity takes its toll in your body especially with your back or spine. The natural pull of the gravity compresses the vertebrae pressing on the disc in between the vertebrae. That is why disc bulge out which press on the nerve that surrounds the bulging disc. This results to various pains in the body.

Inverting the body upside down helps to decompress the spine thus countering the pull of gravity to your body. This way you are giving your spine a good stretch letting your disc go back to its normal position thus stop pressing on the surrounding nerves.

Other benefits includes improve posture, improves blood circulation, improves brain function and relieves muscle tension just to mention a few. Indeed it is worth to own your own Inversion table where you can do inversion therapy at home. Spinal decompression therapy works the same as inversion therapy and both are just great in treating spinal compressions.

The only difference is that inversion tables are much cheaper than a spinal decompression machine and spinal decompression machine needs to be operated by professionals too. Indeed using the decompression machine is the most accurate method of decompressing the spine since the machine use is computerized thus can estimate the number of tractions needed to guarantee great results.

Nevertheless, owning an inversion table is good too for you can use it regularly at home and they are effective too in decompressing the spine. Spinal decompression at home is an effective way of treating various back conditions. Some of the best Inversion tables in the market today are the following;

Teeter Hang-ups EP-950 Inversion Therapy Table

Teeter products is considered one of the best models of Inversion therapy table since they are tested and they meet the UL classification 60601-1 which is the standard for every medical grade products.

Teeter Hang Ups EP950 inversion therapy table features the following – ergonomic flex technology, maximum decompression surface, ankle lock system for security, padded handles, angle strap which lets you pre set the angles to 20,40 or 60 degrees. Large frame and a stable base; and easy to handle and assemble.

This inversion therapy table comes with a five year warranty, definitely much longer than any other inversion table brands available in the market and what is more, you are given 30 days to test it and you can return it anytime within the 30 day period if it does not satisfy you and you get a full refund. This certainly gives you ample time to test out the product and see if it is right for you.

Teeter Hang-ups EP-550 Inversion Therapy Table

If you like to correct a bad posture, lessens pain the back or just want to lessen stress then the Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 is for you. The process on inversion stretches the spine, relieves the pain by lessening the pressure in nerve roots, ligaments and disc; and increase the space between bones or vertebrae. Inversion therapy is good for people with muscle problems and persistent spine. Studies have already showed that even 25 degrees a few minutes a day have positive effects.

EP-550 features a Flex Technology, adjustable foot platform, angle strap which provides pre-set angles at 20, 40 and 60 degrees or you can customize the angles according to your preferred position; adjustable head pillow. This package also comes with instructional DVD for easy use and comes with a five year warranty.

Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Inversion Table

If you want to reduce fatigue or stress, improve circulation of blood or for working your abs then the Ironman ATIS 1000 is just great for you. It will be a great addition to your household equipment. This equipment brings benefit to your overall health by maximizing lumbar traction hence lessening pressure in your ligaments and spinal discs. This table can also helps improved body flexibility, lessening the effects of gravity due to aging and easing lower back pain due to standing or sitting.

This inversion table is quite different from other inversion tables available in the market today since it focuses in its ab and core training system. This table works in your abdominals much better than any bench training thus allowing you to strengthen and build your abs daily in just a few minutes. Also this table provides ten different inversion locking angles thus giving you wide range options and let you find the best position for your body.

This equipment is made of durable steel frame in oval tubing and a nylon back rest with a vinyl pillow. The pillow offers plenty of support to the head and the backrest is quite tough but you can be assured of its durability and safety. Other features includes side holder where you can keep your cell phones, watches, eye glasses and more; scratch resistant thus powder coated finish, it folds for easy storage.

FitForm Inversion Therapy Table

Inversion table is one effective way of reducing stress and lessens back pain. For those who are average worker and wants to experience the benefits that the inversion table brings can now have it with FitForm Inversion Therapy Table. This kind of therapy is now accessible to more people with this affordable inversion table.

FitForm table is of durable steel that is heat-treated with injection molded parts which offers a smooth and finished quality. It features an adjustable roller hinges and cam locks while offering a customize rotation for experts, regular inverters as well as for beginners. It also has an adjustable tether that allows you to invert in any angle that you desire.

Other features includes curved front ankle clamp, removable nylon mat, frame that is easy to fold up for easy storage, easy to set-up and use, instructional DVD and a two year warranty.

Body Max IT 6000 Inversion Table.

This inversion table relieves your body from pressure in the ligaments and nerve roots through spinal decompression and stretching your spine. It relieve your back muscles from tension and when your back muscles are free from tension then the rest of your body is relax. Having Body Max IT6000 as part of your daily routine even for a few minutes brings lots of benefits to your body. One of that is relief from pain, muscle aches and stress

This Inversion therapy table is equipped with deluxe dual pin system which can be readily adjusted for you to find the right position, handrails in u-shaped, rollers made of foam, a strap which you can use in controlling your inverting angles and a lock that keeps the table safe when it is not in use. It easily folds for easy storage and it has a capacity up to 250 pounds.

To have more information regarding its effectivity, it is better that you read several Inversion table review online. Go to some reputable online shops that offers their shoppers product review as well as customers review of back inversion table.