Spondylolisthesis Exercises To Avoid

Spondylolisthesis is a condition where the vertebra in the spine in the lower region slips from its original position to the bone below. Degenerative disease like arthritis is the most common cause. Other causes of spondylolisthesis are the following – stress fractures, traumatic fractures and bone diseases.

Symptoms of such condition ranges from mild to severe and even to some, there might be no symptoms at all. Symptoms are as follows – tenderness in the area affected or slipped disc, stiffness, pain in the buttocks and thighs, muscle tightness and lower back pain.

Diagnosis of such conditions comprises of detailed physical examination and of course X-ray of the spine may be necessary. Here your doctor will find out if the vertebra is out of place and see further if there are any fractures.

Treatment actually depends on the severity of the condition. Generally non-surgical method of treatment is tried first like taking of anti-inflammatory medicines to lessen the back pain, the use of stiff back brace and physical therapy. And of course you need to limit your activities or have complete rest (Neurology in Clinical Practice. 5th ed. 2008: chap 77)

If severe pain persist even with treatment then surgery to fuse the slipped disc may be necessary. However, you have to know the risk as well as complications of such surgery. So far most cases of spondylolisthesis responds to stretching and strengthening exercise combined with lifestyle change. But then not all exercise is good for spondylolisthesis. There are exercises that you should avoid if you are suffering from spondylolisthesis. What are these exercises? Read further and know which spondylolisthesis exercise to avoid.

Heavy Weightlifting

According to Medline Plus the back bears the burden when you lift heavy weights. This kind of activity can cause too much pain for a person who suffers spondylolisthesis. If you want to perform weight lifting then try to switch to using lower weight. Weight lifting machines may be best too to encourage correct form according to University of Michigan Health System.

Low-Back Straining Core Exercise

Back and abdominal exercise can strengthen the major muscles of the body as well as provide stability but there are also exercise that can bring too much strain to the back like sit-ups, an exercise popular as “swimming” in Pilates and Hurdler’s stretch. This exercise can be too taxing in your back and is not recommended for individual who suffers from spondylolisthesis.

Leisure Sports that Requires Twisting

There are certain leisure exercise that can put too much strain in the back thus can worsen your spondylolisthesis according to University of Michigan Health System. Examples of such activities are snowmobiling, sledding, tobogganing and trampolining.

These are the exercises that you need to avoid if you have spondylolisthesis. Talk to your doctor and he can design the right exercise program for you to perform.