What Are The Best Neck Pain Exercises?

Back pain has been a daily worry of most individuals today. In fact in a survey it shows that out of 1000 United States adults showed that back and neck pain affects everyone at some point of their lives. It is indeed a major concern since some individual miss work because of it (North American Spine Society)

Neck pain can be frustrating at times especially when you have a lot of things to do. One way to alleviate pain is through doing some simple neck exercise and it should be done daily. Here are some exercises that are easy enough to perform but very effective to relieve neck pain.

Exercise 1: Sit in the chair in upright position with your head and your nose pointing forward. Slowly move your head back horizontally and you will feel how the movement stretches the base of your neck. Repeat the exercise ten times.

Exercise 2: Sitting upright in a chair, turn your head from one side to another. You can also do this exercise while you are lying down.

Exercise 3: Sitting in upright position, keep your movement slow and smooth. Start with your head level and then slowly roll your head forward in the direction of your chest and then bring your head up again and repeat the process eight times.

Exercise 4: Neck stretches is best too to do everyday. You can do neck extensions where you can lower your head back as far as you can. Another is the ear to shoulder stretching where you can lower your right ear towards your right shoulder and you can do the same in your left side.

If you are one of those who are leading a very busy lifestyle and one of those whose work is always in front of the computer then you can benefit a lot from this type of exercise. Just this few exercises will help relieve pain in the neck due to bad posture. Consult your doctor for the best neck exercises they can recommend. If pain still persists then consult your healthcare provider immediately. Do not ignore any pain in the neck especially if it is a recurring pain and last for a long time. Do not ignore one so that it won’t get any worst. It might involve other serious condition.