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Teeter Hang Ups Spinal Stretch Back Stretcher

A surprising percentage of adults have to deal with ongoing issues with back pain due to various spinal and muscular problems. It is important that you do not ignore any pain, for it might develop into a more serious, sometimes disabling condition. Prevention is always better than cure. Spending a few minutes stretching everyday would […]

Health Mark IVO18210 Back Wave Traction Bench

Want to have a healthy back? You can have one through traction which is medically proven method to bring back pain relief through discs decompressing. One product which provides such solution to back pain is the use of Health Mark IVO18210 Back Wave Traction Bench. You can also perform other exercises with this equipment like […]

FitForm Inversion Therapy Table by Teeter Hang Ups

Not all people are familiar with Inversion therapy. Other might think that this thing has just existed but the truth is this method has existed way, way back as early as 400 B.C. The method of inversion has been base on age old theory regarding gravity.

Kettler APOLLO Inversion Trainer Table

Record numbers of people are seeking treatment for chronic back pain each year. This type of complaint accounts for millions of dollars in lost wages and productivity, as well as personal difficulties such as missed appointments and strained relationships. It can strike anybody whether you are young or old, and it can come anytime without […]

BodyLift Yoga Headstand Tool

Right from the start we are positioned upside down in our mother’s womb for nine months! Perhaps it would benefit us if we go back to that same position once in awhile to promote physical well-being. You can accomplish this through the aid of BodyLift Yoga Headstand Tool.