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Treatment For Pinched Nerve In Neck

A pinched nerve in the neck is usually caused of degenerative disc disease or neck arthritis. It forms a bone spurs thus lessens the disc height so that it now lessens the opening where the nerve travels. This then cause pinching of the nerve. Herniated disc can also result to a pinched nerve since the […]

Pinched Nerve In Neck Symptoms

Neck pain is often associated with muscle pain and most people just rest and do a little exercise to relieve the pain. However not all neck pain is cause by muscle strain. In fact most neck pain sometimes spreads to the arm and as far as the fingers which may cause severe discomfort to the […]

Exercises For Pinched Nerve In Neck

A pinched nerve in neck is usually referred to as cervical radiculopathy where pain is usually referred to other parts of the body when the nerve affected is in the neck. One of the best ways to treat pinched nerve in the neck is through exercise which can aid in strengthening your neck, upper back […]