Exercises For Pinched Nerve In Neck

A pinched nerve in neck is usually referred to as cervical radiculopathy where pain is usually referred to other parts of the body when the nerve affected is in the neck. One of the best ways to treat pinched nerve in the neck is through exercise which can aid in strengthening your neck, upper back muscles and neck. Below are exercises for pinched nerve in neck.

Stretching Exercise

The most simple and effective exercise is the stretching exercise which is easy to do and considered as low impact exercise. Stretching exercise increases flexibility and makes the neck stable too. If muscles in the neck are unstable and neck lacks flexibility then there is a high chance of developing cervical radiculopathy. This condition cause pressure in the nerves which can result to pain that spreads to your arms and even to your fingers.

That is why if you experience or suffers from pinched nerve in the neck then it is best if you perform a stretching exercise like neck rolls where you roll your head in all directions. As you perform it and stretch your neck area, your body release endorphins which are a natural pain reliever which can help in lessening pain linked to a pinched nerve.

Low Impact Exercise or Aerobics

One of the most effective low impact exercises is walking. Walking helps to increase circulation and improves flexibility. When you begin your walking exercise make sure to begin slowly and then gradually increase until you can walk for an hour or more. Try to alternate your pace by walking slow or at normal pace for about ten minutes and then speed up your pace for about five minutes. Keep on alternating this pace for the whole duration of your walking program.

Isometric Exercise

Isometric exercise for the neck will increase the strength of the neck. Performing neck isometric is easy and simple. All you have to do is place your hands in the back of your head and then using your hand place pressure against the back of your head while you resist it with your neck muscles. Increase the pressure while you count to five. Relax and repeat the same process again. Make sure not to move your neck while exercising. Do the same movements but this time place your hands in your forehead and then you push backward while you resist it with your neck muscles.


Yoga has been proven to be effective in treating several back problems. This exercise has been practice thousands of years ago and until now it is still practice by most people. This exercise helps lessens tension and increase flexibility. The relaxing benefits that yoga brings helps in relieving one from stress and also prevents muscle tension.

Words of caution though, if you are suffering from a pinched nerve in the neck, do not begin any exercise program without consulting your doctor first. When exercising and you experience numbness in the upper extremities or severe pain then stop the exercise immediately and check with your doctor.