Pinched Nerve In Neck Symptoms

Neck pain is often associated with muscle pain and most people just rest and do a little exercise to relieve the pain. However not all neck pain is cause by muscle strain. In fact most neck pain sometimes spreads to the arm and as far as the fingers which may cause severe discomfort to the individual. This can be one of the many symptoms of pinched nerve.

What exactly is a pinched nerve in neck? Sometimes nerve that travels through the invertebral areas in the cervical spine or neck gets compressed which results to the nerves being stress thus leads to a radiating pain from the neck to the upper back, arms, shoulders and even fingers. This condition is what you call pinched nerve in the neck or also known as cervical radiculopathy.

What are the Causes of Pinched Nerve in the Neck?

Degenerative Disc Disease. This is often seen in elderly people and is usually cause by the normal aging process of the disc. Due to its wear and tear the disc thins out which results close proximity of the cervical vertebrae thus the possibility of trapping the nerves in between.

Herniated Disc. Also known as slipped disc. Here you will find that the center or the inner gel like material of the disc bulge out of its inner lining which can result to compression of the nearby nerve. This condition is most common in the lumbar spine although there are cases where it also occurs in the cervical spine or neck.

Injury. A strong impact in the part of the neck or head can cause much damage to the cervical vertebrae as well as the cervical disc. This damage can result to a pinched nerve.

Spinal Arthritis. This is also known as neck arthritis, this is due to the wear of the joints. It is usually the start of osteoarthritis. This condition can get worst with wrong neck postures. Most of the time there is a formation of bone spurs which is the cause for nerve compression thus the pinched nerve.

What are the Symptoms for Pinched Nerve?

The following are pinched nerve in neck symptoms;

• The major signs of a pinched nerve are pain in the neck. This is usually the first sign that will show before other symptoms will show. That is why most individuals just dismiss it as muscle fatigue.
• Burning sensation, tingling and numbness in the adjacent areas like the arms down to the fingers. This radiating pain is what they call as referred pain.
• Severe pain with muscle spasm in the adjacent areas.
• In some instance, pain may be observed in both arms. Radiating pain in the upper limbs may be dull in nature or acute and sharp.
• Headache may be observed in the temple region or in the back part of the head.
• Because of the headache, pain may be experience behind the eyes too.
• Feeling of weakness in the muscles.
• Symptoms of pinched nerve in the neck may be aggravated by sneezing, coughing and many more.

These are just some of the symptoms of pinched nerve in neck. The good news is, this condition often responds to conservative treatment and rarely need surgery. It would help if early diagnosis is done so that treatment starts early and will be able to avoid further complications.

There are various options for treatment of pinched nerve in neck but there is one study that showed omega-3 fatty acids is effective in the management of neuropathic pain. Individuals who are suffering from different conditions (burn injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome and cervical radiculopathy) were treated with high dosage of omega 3 fish oil. Results showed significant decrease in pain and improved function (Clinical Journal of Pain 2010).