Thoracic Spondylosis

Spondylosis is a degenerative disease of the spine. It can affect any part of the spine from the lumbar spine up to the cervical spine including the middle back. Thoracic spondylosis affects the middle back part of the spine.

The primary cause of thoracic spondylosis is aging thus most cases of thoracic spondylosis develops in people age forty and above. As you get older the disc in the spine become worn out too. Changes that you experience in your body begin to make the disc brittle. The disc may become thin or it may tear and leaks some of its gel like material in its outer covering which causes the tissues and joints in that area strained.

Treatment’s goal is to relieve the patient from symptoms and to improve the overall health of your back. You cannot completely stop its progress although you can slow it down nor reverse the condition. So the best thing is to manage the symptoms thus slowing down its progression.

To determine the severity of your Thoracic spondylosis, doctor will have to do various tests to know the severity of your condition. Tests may include physical exam, motion or movement testing and neurological testing. Results of such tests will best guide your doctor on how to successfully treat your symptoms and pain.

Most cases of thoracic spondylosis respond to conservative treatments. These conservative treatments includes pain medication and muscle relaxants; temporary bracing to limit movement in the thoracic region; and physical therapy. This physical therapy may consist of exercise to strengthen the back and pain relief methods like heat stimulation or hot/cold therapy.

If symptoms persist and severe pain is present despite the conservative treatments, then surgery might be your only option. There are different types of surgery thus it is best if you discuss everything with your doctor. Know the benefits as well as the complications that you might suffer from it. Make sure to be well informed before making your decision.

Discuss too about this new technique and a new procedure which is minimally invasive type of surgery called as the arthroscopic laser foremenoplasty procedure. There are a few studies that can support of its effectiveness although you still have to research on it thoroughly before you decide to undergo one (Journal of Clinical Laser Medicine & Surgery 2001). It is said to be much better than the other kind of surgery. Read what other has to say about it and hear what your doctor has to say too. You can always trust the opinion of the experts.