Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Pain in back between shoulder blades is a common complain along with upper back pain between shoulder blades although most healthcare provider focuses more in the cervical pain and lumbar issues. It is a common fact that most epidemiologic and clinical research is done in cervical and lumbar spine when pain or discomfort in the upper back or thoracic spine can be as disabling and great burdens for individuals.

Shoulder and upper back pain can be very irritating and there can be various factors that can cause upper back pain between shoulder blades. But the most common cause so far especially with younger individuals is overload of the muscles that supports the neck. For those who are advance in age, compression fractures are a common cause. But the most common cause is myofascial pain or pain in the muscles that support the neck and keep it upright. Bad posture like slouching can overload the muscles that support the neck.

It is alarming though at the fast increase of spinal pain with healthy teenagers which only suggest of increasing burden for future adults too (Brit Med J 2002). A new study showed that pain in the upper back or thoracic spine in teenagers and children is mostly associated with postural changes brought about by the use of backpack, backpack weight and other symptoms of musculoskeletal (BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2009).

Spinal pain between shoulder blades is common mostly because of postural changes thus it is just right to address this problem immediately. Changing postural habits can be hard and takes a long time but still there are things that you can do to address such issue.

One way to address the issue is to have postural awareness. Just knowing that slouching is not good then you can avoid doing that in the future. Whether you are sitting or standing, you should try to observe right posture. You might not be aware but even when standing you can slouch and the more when you are sitting most people tends to slump when sitting thus worsening upper back pain as well as lower back pain.

To correct such problem, some exercise for the neck can certainly help in relieving pain in the upper back or thoracic region. Also there is a study that shows that abdominal bracing done while sitting can result to a correct lumbar shape thus effectively alleviates the lumbopelvic area and lessens the central stress on inactive structures.

Posture braces are great too to correct problems in the posture. There are a lot of braces that you can shop online under the category clavicle brace or posture brace. Another important factor is ergonomic changes where you can review and check your work space especially your computer set-up, your chair height and other things that you use in your daily task. You should try to find furniture that best fit you so that less strain and stress is experience in your upper back. Such thing is very important to avoid any repetitive overloading thus prevent any pain in the upper back.

By observing this carefully, you sure will be able to prevent pain between shoulder blades in back. Pain in upper back between shoulder blades will become history for sure.