Middle Back Pain Relief Tips

Middle back pain is not as common as lower back pain but still when it affects you it can be a very uncomfortable condition. It can hinder you from doing your task since even little move can cause a lot of pain already.

Middle back is the region just below your shoulder blades down to the base of your rib cage. This whole area includes your spine, diaphragm and ribs. Pain tends to be contained in this area although sometimes it might spread out in other parts of the body. Whenever it is your ribs or diaphragm which is involve you will notice symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue and pain when taking deep breath.

The most common cause of middle back pain is spinal imbalances. This does not developed overnight but through time. It is a result from many traumas or injury from bending, lifting and other daily activities. The tension then increases and if this continues it can affect your diaphragm or ribs. Most of the time when you try to lift heavy objects you ten to hold your breath and this puts a lot of strain in your diaphragm as well as to the joints and muscles of your middle back.

If this kind of activities which puts strain in the joints and muscles thus putting the spine out of alignment which will lead to spinal imbalances. Your middle back strength and functions decreases and will eventually result to pain.

What can one do then to prevent such condition to happen? Here are some middle back pain relief tips which might just work for you.

First and foremost, treatment should aim at removing the pain as well as the cause. So the first thing to do is to identify what type of spinal imbalance you have which causes your pain. Once you find it, you can now start using corrective measures or techniques to eliminate the cause. More specifically a targeted program can be created for your specific needs. Its ultimate goal is to achieve a balance body and take away the tension in the ligaments, joints and muscles.

Another way of relieving middle back pain is reflexology. Massaging not your back but your feet will bring certain relief to those who suffer from back pain. This can help provide relief from pain since it can improve the circulation and relieves the muscles from tension.

Tense muscles can be relieved with gentle stretching. A good stretching exercise will bring lots of benefit to those who suffer from middle back pain. Ask your physical therapist or your doctor about it. Do not just perform any back pain exercise because not all exercise work for you.

A study showed that even short meditation lessens pain. This study suggests that the relaxed state of the mind when meditating brings analgesic benefits that can change ones perception of pain. This study which is partly funded by National Science Foundation was conducted at the University of North Carolina (The Journal of Pain 2010).