Upper Back And Neck Pain

Back pain is the most common complain of people today especially neck and upper back pain. This can happen anytime and can strike anyone once in their lifetime. Unfortunately most individuals today experience it often and it can be very painful and as disabling as lower back pain. Mot common cause for upper back pain is injury. Another common cause is a pinched nerve in the upper back which brings headaches to the sufferer. Your mood, enthusiasm and concentration are greatly affected.

Although upper back pain is not as common as lower back pain still it affects a great number of people. To have a clear picture, let us try to see what the upper back region comprises. Thoracic spine is part of the upper back and this consists of twelve vertebrae. Thoracic cage comprise of thoracic spine, ribs and breast bone.

Thoracic spine protects the organs and it is present for strength and stability. It is much stronger than the cervical spine and lumbar spine. Cervical and lumbar spine is there to aid the body to flex and move.

The two main causes of thoracic spine pain or upper back and neck pain are myofascial and joint dysfunctional pain. To have a clear picture, Myofascial is muscular irritation by nature. This is often a result of over and under use of muscles, muscle strain and injury from car accidents. Joint Dysfunction often results from a traumatic force in the back or if you are in one position for a long time with not much movement.

Myofascial pain and Dysfunction of the joints can be treated with massage, physical therapy, acupressure or acupuncture; chiropractic and exercises. A simple exercise can help relieve discomfort and pain. However if your pain is a result from an accident or injury then consult your doctor first before you do any exercise. Exercise like the Butterfly exercise, neck roll, shoulder shrugs and neck wall exercise. This exercise will certainly bring a lot of benefits to those who suffer from upper back and neck pain.

A study was made regarding upper back and neck pain among technical students and was found out that upper back pain and neck pain are common among teenagers and may goes on until they reach their working life. This study may be of good use in developing possible preventive measures for those diagnose at young age ( Journal of Adolescent Health, 2010).