Arthroscopic Spinal Surgery

Arthroscopic spinal surgery is actually a minimally invasive kind of back surgery that is done through a small cut compared to the traditional spinal surgery where the incision is quite large. The procedure makes use of an arthroscope. It is thin flexible equipment about the size of a drinking straw where the spinal surgeon can work and see what is inside.

The use of such techniques lessens the patient’s discomfort and speed up the recovery process. There are different kinds of back surgeries that can be done using the arthroscopic procedure, however arthroscopic surgery doest not suit all kinds of back surgery.

In most cases procedures of arthroscopic spinal surgery is use during discectomy surgery which is often use in treating bulging or herniated disc in the spine. The procedure involves the removal of a portion of the disc that is compressing the nerves. Arthroscopic discectomy are quite common and most preferred for it is done with less surgical complications.

Another type of surgery that may use arthroscopic methods is foramenotomy. This procedure removes the disc tissue and bone that compress spinal nerves to lessen the numbness and pain. Arthroscopic techniques might be use but it depends on the amount of bone and tissue to be removed.

Laminectomy and Spinal fusion is a type of spinal surgery that is not suitable with arthroscopic method. But there is a new type of spinal surgery which lets the whole vertebral disc replaced with an artificial disc and this can be done using arthroscopic techniques which involves the use of a laser. This procedure may be performed for cases like severe degenerative disc diseases and multiple herniated discs.

The type of surgery use depends on what conditions you have and the severity of your conditions also determine whether an arthroscopic surgery is possible. Severe conditions may need a more invasive surgical procedure where larger incision is necessary.

A new study made by orthopedic experts headed by Dr. Shane J. Nho from Rush University Medical Center showed that the use of arthroscopic surgery to treat disorder in the hip like Hip femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) is very effective. A lot of patients who are mostly athletes were able to return to doing their normal activities within nine months from the time of their surgery.

Indeed arthroscopic spine surgery is becoming popular these days although there are studies too that showed that physical therapy along with comprehensive medication works is much better than arthroscopic surgery for osteoarthritis according to American Physical Therapy Association ( Published in New England Journal of Medicine).